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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events


Looks like another bust Rare Dilo aren’t so Rare but I guess this even was just a over hyped Pogo attempt that has failed to wow. It was overly hyped for what we are getting


They do! They spawn randomly as you walk around they are not limited to supply drops


Having even 1 epic that’s guaranteed to spawn at set locations is worth the hype no matter the other 6 dinos. Plus blue Dilo is great regardless if it’s common or not, so yay.


Why are we capped on shooting these? 3 attempts are not enough.


This is a great event, I only have one problem with it. I am in Windemere which as I am sure most of you will know is a national park so EVERY supply point is an event supply point. Sounds great doesn’t it. WRONG… since the start of this event there are no other Dinos spawning in my area. To get them means driving 25 minutes out of the area to get them. Please do something to fix this such as once all attempts per day have been used give us normal Dinos


Sure one epic with 3 attempts is great but imo only 3 rare attempts is kind of meh. If im lucky i can catch up to 10+ rares in 2h riding around my neighborhood with my bike. Imo it should at least be 5 for rares. Especially since most rares are required for hybrids. If you’re unlucky you don’t even have a hybrid at the end of this week… Imo thats what the event is all about. Making good dinosaurs more accessible. All those poor dilos wanted to come home with me but i had to leave them there. Poor things. :sob::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Not accurate anymore, mate
They’ve lowered the rare count by 3


i so excited for play jurrasic alive but after 3 days i come back for reallity world PAY FOR WIN, who not play NEVER WIN WHO PLAY, and this is patetic. pokemon go is better than it.


So far liking this idea (and the game of course :blush: lol). Definitely would be better if rares were upped to 6 attempts (or there about). So far very cool though…


I totally agere. These events seems great. But sin e i live in a very rural areal the nearest park is about 40 min by car.
I hope that you will consider doing something for us rural player too.
For exsample you could make every 10th supply drop a green one, or yor could make forests and other nature areas part of the event.


I think it’s great every event what if you only have to be very close to take the dinoparadas should vary that


Anyone know if the “daily Dino’s” will cycle around/repeat in future events? I’m in Australia and have to work… and I can’t get out to stand right on top of the suckers to tag them.

This basically means that for the rare and epic I may as well not bother. The maximum I manage to get is half the required DNA before I hit my maximum attempts and then I get taunted by respawns for the remaining couple of hours wishing I could just walk out of work and get close enough to make more than 12-15 DNA per attempt.

It’s very frustrating! Especially when you consider that the max DNA per dart is gimped for rares and epics as well. :cry:

I’ll be less salty if I know there’s another way to get them later, even if it’s waiting till this time next year… or paying for a dreaded loot box :grimacing:


I’m late…


I believe that’s the plan with the migrations, it may be awhile, but at one point they will pop up again. It’s winter here in the USA and with the cold we’re having the same issue. So in the daily incubator the gave us an extra scent capsule and 30 darts instead of five to help us out.