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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spelling Bee Event 2020

Expand your vocabulary with special Spelling Bee Events with creatures that YOU the community chose!

Find these special events on the Map and in the Market this week.

You can also gain extracurricular coins Saturday and Sunday in the special treasure chase!

Happy playing DPG members!


The Chase is only 1 collect per day.

We apologize for any confusion, happy playing!


I thought we voted for a legendary too


More than likely it is confined to a strike event, or knowing Ludia only in the market. Heaven forbid we get the opportunity to dart a Legendary. :man_facepalming:


All week hey? May I politely ask where these so-called treasure chests are located? Because I can’t see anything.


Darn, no wuerho. But at least there’s pyroraptor and turtle incubator and boosts.


How do I compete in this?

You don’t “compete”, you just play, do the strike towers etc.

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Please give us a chance to dart rexy i need it soo bad

Hey Ludia, only one lousy incubator as far as the eye can see. And nothing else. Come on!!.


No strike towers anywhere on the map except the Trial one.

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There’s a chance to dart Darwez this weekend with the green drops.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

When you get the schedule show nothing, but the ingame news show the Darwez, and you know how bad Ludia is, then never take anything for granted until you see it with your own eyes.

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Is there any rhyme or reason as to where the green drops are disbursed? I haven’t seen any green drops in almost a week! I have health issues and nearly completely home bound unless someone can take me physically out driving but any amount of sitting is too difficult for me due to severe spinal (mainly low lumbar, sacral and coccygeal) issues. I even pay for vip and still nothing! Therefore I am unable to participate in a lot of the campaigns.

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About like their paid incubators it’s probably a less the .000001% chance to find one lol

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So first it was all week…

Now it’s Saturday and Sunday…:thinking: oh Ludia you never cease to amaze me :rofl:

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yeah…disappointing tbh…

yeah…disappointing tbh

Oh. So treasure chests are gonna be on saturday and sunday only?

So pretty much we are a week without a weekly reward. Nice.

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It’s only one reward, it’s not going to be noticed much. What’s important is they get the treasure chase working properly, everyone has access from the safety of their home, and like strike towers you still get full reward without standing on top of it. (that last bit is unconfirmed at this stage)