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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spelling Bee Event 2020

Really? I didn’t see that. Also, it makes no sense and is obviously a convenient lie to avoid having to fix it.

  1. As you said, putting a 25K limit on something you’re unlikely to even collect 2K from would be ridiculous.

  2. They sent out a message at the start of the event SPECIFYING that the chests would respawn every hour.

  3. I’ve spoken to people in my Alliance who DID have it work that way - that is, chests respawning every hour, enabling them to actually reach the 25K limit with a bit of hard work.

So no, unless this event was SUPPOSED to be a casino-game where a few lucky winners got to collect 25K while the rest of us scrubs got a few hundred, it was NOT ‘working as intended’.


I’ve not seen any evidence that these claims were true.

It’s not going to respawn for some and not for others.

Come, now… use Occam’s Razor, please. What requires the least number of assumptions? That several people are lying about how the event worked for them, for no reason whatsoever and to no purpose I can think of, OR that someone at Ludia decided that it would be easier to just shout ‘Working as Intended’ as opposed to try and fix this mess?

And just out of curiosity, what would such ‘evidence’ as you’re demanding even look like?

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@E.D you still haven’t explained why the chests have a max 25,000 coins if you only get 1 chest a day? Please explain this as you are still causing confusion.