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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spelling Bee Week

Hello fellow DPG members,

Hit the books with a week of back to school themed events, from September 16-23!

Take part in the Spelling Bee strike event, full of tortuously named creatures sure to put your spelling and battle skills to the test. Also, a Lunchbox Chase will be on the map for those who treasure their study breaks!


But what is a lunchbox chase, lol


Wow, that’s… peculiar… Well, can’t complain about free stuff, whatever the reason

Edit: Can’t talk about or even mention addictions or stuff like that here @PhoenixUnity. I know how it sucks getting posts deleted repeatedly without clarification of why

These are lazy parents lunchboxes, there’s just coins in them :rofl:


il,font,quoi,se,qui,on pas,révisé :rofl:

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