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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spring Week (2019)


Hello fellow DPG members,

Get ready for Spring Week in the Neo-Jurassic! Find Spring holiday themed Strike Events on the Map and offers in Store centered around egg-protecting Hadrosaurs and the creatures that hunt those eggs! Also, from April 15th to April 21st, you’ll be able to collect a treasure chest every 4 hours and obtain within 100 DNA of a Nest Protector creature! This event will start at 10 AM EST on Monday (04/15). Let the Egg Hunt begins.

Note: No bunnies were harmed in the wrangling of our favourite dinosaurs for this event.

Event tower strike nonsense
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This is pretty cool. When I first saw the notification, I was thinking it was going to be actual dino eggs, Pokemon style, which would have been WAY better, but free DNA is still great. Thanks Ludia.


Really good week, even without tentorex. thanks for removing unique dart attempts, i think uniques should never ever come in weekly events. Uniques are the last thing players can archive (pve and pvp) and should stay grind heavy and not for free every sunday.

Also i would love getting 4 epic incibators, but 3 are still more then enough and i love it.
Some rares and a lot of coins are welcome aswell.

Great week ludia love it.
Next time just dont fool us… it is not a good late april fools joke :slight_smile:


well as usual, ya’ll ruined it before it even started…


Hey there, Ludia.
I’m absolutely on your side for this game and I’m happy with most of your work. :smiley:
But I think a lot of people are understandably upset for multiple downgrades in a row.
At least when something went wrong previously, we usually got feedback about it. (Oops, a Diplocaulus got loose in our office and broke our server. We’re fixing it right now.)
But recently, there’s been a bit more silence on this.
I completely understand that things don’t work out the way we expect. Most of us have jobs and sometimes a last minute change or curveball is something that happens. We relate to that. :slight_smile:
But please don’t forget to communicate more about it and perhaps give players something small to make up for their inconvenience.
There’s so many reasons why I think Ludia and JWA are better than other similar games. Let’s not let that fall away. If things really do need to be downgraded for players, then sure, but I think we’d at least want to know roughly why.


Dang right!


But your JWA players’ hearts are harmed for your sudden change on schedule.:rofl:




Was looking forward to the event

Not so much now five stars for annoying the player base.

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Ludia should compensate us for removing one epic strike tower and unique by adding more epics to dart! Please add Ourano and few others epic dinos to make it special and worth it…




I can understand now why ludia has removed uniques and is cutting back on the events. Until things change the old set-up is making things harder for the lower lvl players just starting out. Also discourages new players from playing. Player progression was evolving too quickly for anyone just starting out to be able to catch up. I also agree that this is hard for vets to grasp because we don’t notice it as much. Also hard for the players that were progressing fast because they were climbing faster then ever. But we definitely need more balance to make this game fun and enjoyable for all. Or it won’t grow. Hopefully they have something planned to make it possible for the balance to return at least some


Well I can’t argue with that. The thing that’s making everyone mad though is that they showed tenotorex then took it off. Had they not put tenotorex on there nobody would have complained.


And I agree with that as well. It should have been edited or adjusted previously instead of getting everyone’s hopes up. Then a total let down


So much self inflicted damage. How can someone keep making the same blunders over and over? If you want to give us free Cheeseburgers, great! I love a good cheeseburger. If you tell everyone you are making them a perfectly grilled, dry aged ribeye and then swap in the exact same cheeseburger, well now the cheeseburger sorta sucks. Pretty simple concept.


Problem is, the thing that made the game new-player unfriendly remains new-player unfriendly; dinosaur balance and the whole rarity determines strength policy that genocided so many dinosaurs out of endgame viability.

The only thing this new schedule changes is that now new players will be stuck getting their whole teams genocided by Trykosaurus / Diloracheirus / Erlidominus / Thoradolosaurus for months instead of letting them catch up (get their own) in reasonable time or having alternate routes to endgame viability.

Currently we both have an “elitist” friendly system where the hardest to earn dinosaurs pretty much autowin matches and also a progression-unfriendly system.

Not to mention, players have already maxed out teams, but I am sure I don’t need to explain it to a person like you.

If anything these changes are extremely toxic towards new players, cause it does not only widdens the gap between new and old players but slow progression even further down. Noone in their right state of mind would pick up this game if they need to invest months, even a year to unlock all dinosaurs, let alone catching up with the rest.


I agree totally. The progression that we faced as a whole was entirely different. And ludia has already dug themselves into a hole that I don’t think they can overcome. I actually have 3 friends that I introduced to the game. One started 2 weeks before the St Patrick event. And he is already at 3k trophies. With erli on his team. The other two have already quit. It’s just sad that we may never get that progression back to allow new ppl to have the same opportunities


So 100 tenonto DNA from a chest doesn’t bring disbalance, but hunting it does?