[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spring Week (2020)

Hello fellow DPG members,

Get ready for Spring Week in the Jurassic World! Find Spring themed Strike Events on the Map and offers in Store centered around egg-protecting Hadrosaurs and the creatures that hunt those eggs! Also, from April 6th to April 13th, you’ll be able to collect nest protecting creature DNA from a special treasure chest.

Let the Egg Hunt begin!

Note: No bunnies were harmed in the wrangling of our favourite dinosaurs for this event.


Sounds interesting. Bring on the Easter egg hunt! :egg:


This could be fun, but the Chests need to be accessible from within a player’s circle. also disappear for a time after collection as not to diminish drops.


Please tell me Baryonyx and Alanqa have nothing to do with eggs!!!


Only that they hatch from them. I wouldn’t expect to see them this time.

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I really hope you’re right Colin

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I hope this means more Maia DNA…


Raptors are egghunters normally right? And Hadrosaurs means I would expect to see Maiasaurus, Iguanodon, Edmonto etc.


Yeah, it’s a shame we don’t have Oviraptor though, because that was like the mega egg thief.


The classic dinosaur that hunts eggs that i can think of is oviraptor. but i don’t think it’s in the game.

So a treasure chest hunt when we’ve been told those were replaced with weekly gifts because of the widespread issues of quarantine and shelter-in-place??? Did marketing just wake up from a two month nap and not talk to anyone before sending out the announcement?


Couldn’t you really call it Easter event? Somehow every holiday is called as it should but Easter and Christmas are called different? Why?

Last year this was one of the worst events.
No maiasaur and pretty much only useless dna.
The only good thing about this event was getting unique tentorex dna out of the random eggs.


If not Maiasaur I hope it’ll give Tenonto at least so I can finish Tenontorex.

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May we will get ECHO

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I hope we get maiasaur this year.

Yes they actually planned to give us 1 attempt of Tenonto in the Easter event last year.
But suddenly cancelled that…:sweat:

Because that would…broke the PvP balance?:thinking::thinking::thinking:

i like the colors. It looks tranquil.

Tenontorex… That’s really good!