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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spring Week (2020)

Ludia cancelled Tenontorex last year when I was trying to level him up. Now my Tenontorex is level 29 and I will bench him. Of course now we have a chance to dart him. Classic .


Who thinks we’ll actually get to dart it this year? Last year they initially put it in and then changed it soon after lol.

  • Ludia will cancel Tenontorex attempt again
  • They will actually let us dart it this time

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there are worse things unbalancing the arena right now. an attempt at a unique that’s been out for a long time wont hurt anything.
Unless they are gonna pull a April Fool’s prank again. :wink:



This is truly the worst week of dinos I’ve ever seen for a special week.

I have 2 accounts and I am not in the slightest bit interested in any of the dinos on either account.

So that’s actually a great move by Ludia as we are in lockdown here in the UK.


Ah we really need attempts for the goat(s) so we can use them for fun. Lol

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06 epic events! (1 of them it’s Diplodocus? It will be a good week!)


I would love a chance to catch the goat. Even if it’s only a joke dino. it would still be fun to have.

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Think we’ve asked this question last year.

But…really? That’s all the Hadrosaur family creatures we have?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Last week I could only reach one green drop from my house, all week. I actually like this week because I can completely ignore all the event dinos and not care one bit.

are they gonna take away the tenotorex attempt like they did last year?

Diplodocus! And HP boost. But still trapped inside the house …

Gosh I’m sick of Edmontosaurus. It’s all I ever see. That or Delta.

Other than that, eh… Guess we’ll see if I get a drop outside my house as I’ve had to do since the quarantine.

Is this for real? That one epic dino must be feeling so lonely in this week’s event schedule… LOL

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Nothing I need this week but nice and thematic.

So while there is 6 epic strikes, I’m pretty sure in all but the themed Friday event all we’re gonna get is gold and Edmon… Which really?!

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I freaking got legendary dna

I maxed mine a few weeks ago and now we get to dart it lol. Mines on my team unboosted. It’s great.

How often do the chests appear

may be every 6 hours or so. correct me if i’m wrong tho.