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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Spring Week 2021

Hope we get Some Tenontosaurus or even Tenontorex Unique Dna. I need to it to upgrade on My Tenontorex

The game is unplayable on IPhone 7. I know because I was using iPhone 7 and switched to iPhone 11. Night and day difference. The game is simply not playable on iPhone 7 - can’t dart, battles lag to the point of not being able to select a move, game freezes when scrolling through Dinodex or achievements, game has to be restarted 20-25 times a day to function, etc.

It’s true as a game progresses, it will lose support of older gen phones. But iPhone 7 has highest adoption rate of any iPhone and every other game is optimized for i7 and plays fine.

This isn’t an issue of a game progressing…it’s an issue of bad coding that’s not optimized for the broadest range of devices and operating systems.


Hopefully we get tenoto

Might be what it’s “known” for but it’s not correct.

yes, since her name means egg thief, I would suspect it would somehow be included in the event because of its name, I’m thinking strike events

Maiasaura? Literally means good mother. I’m hoping for that this week!

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hey, maybe april fools boss giant egg

That’s a tall order.
It could unbalance the arena.


I sure hope the Dodo is a new creature :laughing:


Mine is a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra. I can barely battle. It’s ridiculous.

Credit to @Turok_The_Hunter


It’s one try doubt it’s going to change anything.

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And I thought it was just me that had the restart the frozen game at multiple instances.

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Thank you haha

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Guess this is me…


I agree. I like the game a lot.

Where is eggs? I don’t see any.



er… Where are they?

Is this a hybrid?