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[News] Jurassic World Alive | St. Patrick Event 2020

It is gonna be so late when I can hunt em because of the maintenance but i have high hopes for darting stygidaryx.

If I see one more Baryonyx I swear I’m leaving!


Vague much?
How many attempts will we get?
Is it going to be Valentines day level of rarity for Uniques?
Trying to plan my day and although I would love a shot at Dary I’m not willing to spend 5-8 hours looking for it.


I am excited for those dinosaurs!

Useless dinos. Disapponting.

only good things I see are thor, sino and argentino

@E.D Could you please get some info on why we are seeing the commons from this list at the event drops today? The event calendar shared on Facebook yesterday indicated Fast Creatures and that tomorrow would involve this special St Patrick’s Day list.


Hello everyone,

We just got confirmation that the St. Patrick events on Tuesday will be extended for an extra day due to the release of update 1.13!


Guess I can dart Thor and Sino. Maybe I’ll get Thor to 26 and use the Sino DNA on Utasino. Not a bad event, especially for what’s going on. But I’m hoping that that’s why it’s just meh, because of the current affairs with this virus.

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Great news! But how many attempts we will have? On Leap Year event it was on the schedule picture but here we have nothing.

Hey KelKelAZ, thanks for bringing this up to us! Our team is currently looking into it.

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We’ll try to get that info! :crossed_fingers:

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Ty very much!

Why the commons again? Why dilute the pool to make it harder to find a Dino you might want or need to dart. And seriously who chose these dinos and what do they have to do with st Patrick’s day?


At least we have Thor instead of Daryx. Max, Dilorach and Lyth are also green tho. They could be included in the event

Alright, it’s 3 attempts!



This should be interesting

Thankfully only 3 attempts. Will try to dart Sino, but will probably dart 3 closest rarest creatures.

Is there anyway the treasure chases can revert back to stops during the hour cooldown? Makes it hard for folks that can’t go out when most of their supply drops are chases with hour long timers. The regular treasure chases revert back, why don’t these?

We… The USERS need larger “Coin Drops” …I have 74 creatures to upgrade… I propose…200k Supply Drops!! Minimum once a week. Gaurantee it will increase the game play numbers. 1 mil coin drop… Event Better!