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[News] Jurassic World Alive | St. Patrick Event 2021

Keep calm and stay lucky DPG members. :four_leaf_clover:

Between March 15th to March 22nd, play and collect St. Patrick’s rewards! :green_heart::tophat:

Explore the Map and collect DNA from some of the game’s greenest creatures and collect up to 25,000 coins per day from the St. Patrick’s Treasure Chases.

Try your luck and take on tough foes in a special Trial with a team of 3 creatures equipped with Critical Hit Chance over 30%.

Shamrock and roll!

Featured St. Patrick’s Creatures:

Listed Creatures:
Common: Diplocaulus, Iguanodon, Tarbosaurus, Stegosaurus
Rare: Argentinosaurus, Charlie, Tupandactylus, Dracorex
Epic: Baryonyx, Concavenator, Sinoceratops, Edaphosaurus
Unique: Diorajasaur, Grypolyth, Diloracheirus


Let’s go dio!!


Let’s just hope we get a few more green stops for the week.


Better than last year, but not worse than the saint patricks day that forever ruined the arena. Good job ludia!

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The St. Patrick’s day event week is going to be AWESOME! :grin:

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Going Dio. i can never find any rajasaurus. most of mine came from arena incs. I will pick up 5 barry for the achievement then the rest daph.

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I’m gonna go for Stegosaurus and Tarbosaurus for the commons, Dracorex and Argentinosaurus for the rares, Edaphosaurus and Baryonyx for Epics, and Diorajasaur for Uniques

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This has to be one of my new favorite quotes ever! :rofl:


Pretty good week! don’t know what I’ll dart w/ commons, rares draco and argen, epics bary and edapho, uniques prob dio

Wonder what will go wrong this time!

Oh look, spotted a mistake already…


OMG their unique hybrids in this St Patrick’s day

what you don’t want double Diplocaulus? I’m personally excited about that one the most! :rofl:


no. diplocaluses tend to cause problems. remember when one got into something it shouldn’t have?


How many attempts do you think we have for the uniques?

We get 1

This event receives a significant upgrade over the 2020 Event, but falls short of its 2019 Event In Every Respect.


I think ima dart Dilo because it’s easier for me

At least my alt can get something from this lol. Nice.

On another note the epic boa is green too! Come on now.

idk if he is, but it be nice to be able to grab some more snek dna since its been ages since there’s been an event, I think

Has dark green lol. But yeah they’re holding out on it. But who knows why, it’s not real special… I already have spinocon to 30 and it’s terrible. Ludia rather we use a rat or rixis.