[News] Jurassic World Alive | St. Patrick’s Event 2022

It’s that time of year where you try your luck, DPG members.

Between March 16th and March 22nd, play events and check out offers surrounding our greenest creatures in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! :tophat::t_rex:

These special creatures guard this special St. Patrick’s Day Strike Event. Defeat them for a lucky reward.

Try your luck and take on tough foes in a special Trial with a team of 3 creatures equipped with higher Critical Hit Chance.

And lastly, be sure to collect up to 25,000 coins during the scheduled event with the special themed Treasure Chase.

Let’s get the Patty started!

Featured St. Patrick’s Creatures:


Nice, another level or two for troodaboa…

Troodo AND it’s hybrid? Nice…

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Wait!, I did not know about this, Why wasn’t I informed by ludia?? :grin: :t_rex: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :leaves: :volcano:

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Only 25k in coins? But it is St. Patty’s day. Where is the love at the end of the :rainbow: ?
Thank you for putting this together. Looking forward to that yummy Troo.



You finally put the week infographic in the forum announcement. Thank you! just don’t make this a one time thing


Definitely gonna go and dart Albert Sr. Feels great with the theming on the strikes as well because critical gambling! Troodon’s also looking very appealing, but snake animations are famously agony and change to dart, so… no.

A little confused about why Dioraja and Trike Gen 2 are part of the dartables, since they’re not green, but with Dioraj you can probably excuse it with the green unique border. Trike 2 is an enigma, though. Is it secretly green or something?


Trike 2 looks rather green to me, just a bit duller compared to the rest, and same with dio but much more faint, non-the less, definitely looking forward to darting alberto’s s-hybrid, and as appealing as darting troodoboa seems, its a pain to dart sneks and troodon dna will be available so very excited


Anyone else noticing that the attached rare pursuit seems to be much more sporadic than recent weeks?

I like unique and epic
and i am newbie