[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boost Reset Tokens Announcement

Hello DPG members,

The current boost refund system will be getting a makeover!

In the upcoming 2.14 update, we will be improving Stat Boost usage frequency by introducing Stat Boost Reset Tokens.

The first iteration to get Stat Boost reset tokens will be to participate in Alliance Championships and gain rewards! To increase your chances of unlocking these rewards, participate in all tournaments. The Tokens themselves will only be distributed after your Alliance reaches a certain Championship Reward Tier.

The Stat Boosts Token will have a banked lifetime duration of 30 days when sent through the in-game mail. So, be sure to use your collected tokens in order to not lose the consumable! The tokens in your inventory gained through rewards or purchase will remain there until you use them. You may only have 1 stat type Token stored in your Inventory at a time. If additional Tokens of the same stat type are collected, they are sent to your In-Game Mailbox instead.

There will be 3 Token Stat types:

Attack Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Attack Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

Speed Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Speed Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

Health Boost Refund Token

This token refunds 100% of Health Stat Boosts applied to 1 creature with no penalty.

As mentioned, Alliance Championship rewards will be the first iteration of the Token distribution and we will be sure to inform you all when additional iterations or distribution plans have been decided and implemented.

We’re excited for this news and we hope you are too! Happy playing.


Is this how they will look in-game?


What is the Reward Tier you have to reach to achieve this ??? Why not come out and tell us everything considering it’s just around the corner?

Also not impressed that you only get 1 token per month… It will take me a full year to reset dinos that were nerfed by Ludia, not by me willy nilly applying stat boosts


Whoooooop!! Happy with that. Better than losing any boosts at all.


How many of each, is this a monthly reward only? Will they be available for purchase, MORE details please. If they will only be with the tournament monthly rewards, that’s very limited - please provide one last boost reset to ease the transition.


Massively underwhelming news, only hold 1 of each type at a time and distributed once a month initially means a long time to reorganise your team without penalty when long time players have so many boosted dinos.

Sorry Ludia but you’ve missed the mark more than you did with Albertospinos on this one


This is total garbage. You create powerful dinos that everyone levels up and boosts then you nerf them so that they are unusable. Those dinos should always have free resets without tokens. You are just trying to monetize through deception.


100% correct @ TRexMultiBall


Only one of each at a time? Really?

With how infrequent they are seemingly going to be given out, it’ll take forever to reorganize a team. How many updates and changes to creatures will we experience during that time? We won’t be able to keep up with these lousy tokens.

A joke, this is a joke. :person_facepalming:t2:‍:female_sign:


Typical Ludia, tying them to championship level so the top players benefit once again. How about helping out the more casual players and alliances for once?


spot on @MountainTop


So basically we have to wait 1 month just to refund 1 teir of 1 dino


basically, I guess

(I don’t really care, i’m still happy)


Please read the full post guys, it will not be limited to Alliance Championships only, this is basically just a test to see how they could improve the distribution so it can be fair, lower your torches for this one


people still use torches? :thinking:


thank you very much!!! i need some of them :slight_smile:


If i had to guess, there will be options to buy them in the market with coins or bucks like other resources such as boosts themselves. But could we stop complaining until we actually see everything?


@The_blaze it’s 100% of a particular stat boost… so if you applied 20 hp boosts to a Tryko you get it all back. I presume


It’s a figure of speech.


We should get a complete refund before the introduction of these tokens. When we invest boosts in a creature, we do it because we enjoyed that creature and the way it was performing. If there are several changes to a creature that we have invested our boosts in, we can say that “the creature is no longer the same”, which means ALL the boosts we had on her should be replenished without penalty. Imagine you buying a car, suddenly the car company takes back all the cars and remove 2 tires from them, and you cant put those tires back. This is exactly what changing a creature to the ground means…