[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boost Reset Tokens Announcement

Welll if you receive 1000 tokens for winning the alliance championship but you’re allowed to have 1 (outside the ones you already bought - the bouht will appear - just like the capsules)

Dont worry Matt - as i said the ones from the shop will stack up. I personally wont let that affect me - i will not unboost anything - powercrept, nerfed - so be it. Play for fun. I have always defended that aspect of the game the most - that is why i have beed sooo anti indo gen 2 and the deer. Its not win at all costs for me - but that’s just me - for everything else there’s mastercard :slight_smile:

At least, from what I understood, we can have 2 tokens at a time. One in mail box for 30 days and other on inventory until we uses it. But I hope we can have some type of tower that allows us to get some of these, because they will be one of the most valuable resources in game. They will probably be for sale too, but I won’t try to guess their prices. And hopefully we have some of these tokens to refund an amount of tiers instead of the whole tier, cause some dinos have 3 or 4 boosts in only one tier, for example, and wasting tokens to refund them doesn’t sound good to me

This ( boost tokens ) has made me extremely wary of getting them at any time in the forseeable future.

There is far too much speculation running around ludias forums at present as to how good or how bad they will effect normal game play, as for me i will be waiting at least a month before i do try and obtain any of them.
Why you ask ? well that’s simple i want to see what effect it has for the players who obtain them and use them for thier dinos.
As for the cost of each individual token that will keep a lot of players away from buying them if they are too pricey ( too expensive ) if you take a look at the current price od the stat boosts that are still available thier price is on the high end of the cost scale.
When they were first introduced the cost was minimal and easily affordable but now buying a standard 100 boost which allows you to raise your dino 1 level of stats is a whopping 2000 hard game cash and that puts it ( 100 boost ) beyond the reach of a good percentage of people still playing the game.
:worried: :scream: :worried:

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I.E Making people buy something twice. @Ned Can you confirm the following:
I want to unboost Dino X and dont have any tokens. What will happen :
a) I will be redirected to the in-game store
b) I will be able to unboost with the 50% penalty - like it is now

Which one is the correct scenario?

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Hey Mikisink, let me see if I can get more information from our team on the Boosts Reset without Tokens! :mag:

From my current understanding, the Tokens are currently only available through Championship rewards. However, the tokens are not available with every Championship.

Update: @Mikisink, the old method (50% Boosts return) should still be available along with the Token method. I believe you will have the option to use either refund method in-game.

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Thank You !

I have used an atk boost reset token on my maxima with 1800 atk stat boosts. It was displayed that I would recover the same amount. Problem is I can’t see the total number of boosts I have in order to verify it. Is there a way to see them in the current interface?

Boosts are at the top of the screen in the boost menu (where dart/coins/HC usually are).

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For some reason I was under the guise these would come from monthly Alliance Championship rewards, until I noticed they weren’t a reward for this months incubators. Any clue/expectation we could have as when we can expect to earn these again?

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Was very clear they would be periodic & thats exactly right. Dont need them being handed out like candy.

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Having a reset for 1 of each stat given once a month, that of which you can only hold up to 1 at a time, wouldn’t be considered “given out like candy”, but rather addressing adjusting dinos accordingly to Ludia’s ever evolving meta changes, especially that which they’ve announced remakes of dinos of old.

It’s not an out of place question to ask.

One would hope by the time the next doling out occurs, the issue preventing players holding a second of each in their mail box will have been resolved.

Please provide more channel for players to obtain these token from time to time. Give out a subtle amount of such reset kits will actually raise the interest of player to acquire more boost via real cash.

Guess that explains why there was none issued today. Since they worded it like that all they have to do is give them out once a year and feel they’ve met their obligation. I’m sure most of us weren’t shocked with them doing this. Just another Ludia-gottcha moment.


Kind of silly that they went through all of that effort to program this feature and then just dropped it. Seems like it would have been a lot easier to just give us the reset. :man_shrugging:

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Mind games to get people to boost their albertospinoses and mortems so itll be 3x the profit when albertocevia comes


When can we expect to see these refund tokens again? Next AC I hope…

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You can hope to see them in a bundle in the shop or dont hope at all :wink:


ned is golden