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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0

Hello fellow DPG members,

We spent multiple months analyzing, discussing and debating Stat Boost since their inception. From an end-game point of view, we want them to be part of the game as a fun customization element rather than a chore to stay competitive. Based on all the feedback we have aggregated from the community, we are currently looking at revamping the mechanics for Stat Boosts before 2020.

Stat Boost Power Output

  • The maximum amount of Tiers per Stat will increase to 20, with a maximum of +50% HP, +50% Damage and +40 Speed. This means:
    • +2.5% HP per Tier
    • +2.5% Attack per Tier
    • +2 Speed per Tier
  • The Stat Boost “power and cost table” will become linear: each Tier gives the same bonus as the previous Tier for the same price. For example, going from Tier 0 to Tier 1 nets the same amount of extra Health as going from Tier 5 to Tier 6

Fixed Stat Boost Distribution

  • The goal is that each end-game player should be able to gain enough Stat Boost Points to boost one creature’s stat per week, whether that’s for the 10th Tier or for the first one. Players who want to spend extra time interacting with all facets of the game for extended periods of time will be able to apply more than one boost per week for free.
    Note, you can apply boosts as easily as before (roughly once per second).

Stat Boost Reset

  • Such a set of changes in Stat Boost Power will require us to implement another global Stat Boost reset. This reset will be done with the old costs; so players who stockpiled boosts will end up with the same amount as players who spent their boosts (assuming they earned the same amount of boosts).


  • Stat Boost purchases are here to stay.

Stat Boost Limit per Creature Level

  • We also plan on having a Stat Boost limit (or ceiling) based on their creature level. This should encourage players to level up their creatures rather than unlocking them and then spending boosts on them instead of leveling them up.
  • Having a level-based Stat Boost cap means that it would no longer be possible to have a Tier 10-10-10 Thoradolosaur while that creature is at level 21. The player must choose between a balanced approach (such as 7 Damage, 7 HP and 7 Speed) or choose to focus them in one place at the cost of being less powerful in other aspects (such as 7 Damage, 5 Health, 9 Speed).
  • We hope that on the way to the end-game, such a ceiling encourages player creativity and new builds for each creature. Because the number of Tiers increased to 20, “maxing out” a creature’s Speed means that you are necessarily giving up some HP and/or Damage, even if your creature is level 30.

Player-Driven Stat Boost Rollback

  • We will implement a system to “refund” Stat Boosts, one Tier at a time so you can reinvest (at a trade cost) your hard-earned boosts. The cost of having a Tier being refunded is that you are awarded half of the cost of the Tier that you just rolled back. For instance, if reaching Tier 10 cost you 100 Stat Boost Points, rolling it back to Tier 9 would award you with 50 Stat Boost Points.

Feedback Welcomed
As we prepare for Stat Boosts 2.0, we want to hear from you! Follow the link below and send us your question related to Stat Boosts, and upcoming changes to them. With our team, we will choose up to 10 questions, for which we feel the answers will be most beneficial and address them in a follow-up post.

We hope that these changes will provide the best experience to all!

Thank you all for your support,
Jurassic World Alive Team


Woah. This is big.


Wow this sounds pretty good and scary too


Thank you for listening to the community! (sort of)


OMG. Thank you for this.


This is HUGE! And I’m pretty excited about it!


I’m sorta not getting half of these things and I really don’t know how to feel about it…

It’s good that we can roll the boosts back, but why do we get back half the prize?? When we want to change a creature in the team and put the boosts elsewhere, it’s not coming from us, YOUR changes on dinos prompt us to do that, so why should we pay for it?

Possible solution: make boosts team spot tied rather than tied to a dino, that way when we change a creature in our team the boosts would automatically be placed onto the replacement dino… but don’t make us pay for your decision to nerf or boost creatures.


It’s a miracle :o Like you listened to every person!
Hard to tell whether this is going to be more fun or not, but hopefully the crazy thors will seize to exist.


Finally some good news regarding the boosts. This sounds great and finally we get a limit of boost per creature according to their level.


It doesn’t happen very often but I am speechless - the proof will be in the implementation but that all sounds pretty good especially capping boosts per level of creature. Wow.


Although I like it, is there anyway you can narrow down the timeline a bit?
Before 2020 is cool and all, but what I’m getting from all this is use them if you stockpiled them. LOL

dope! real dope this addresses so many concerns and ideas at once. thanks for listening to us!!

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Its going to be a nightmare going through all your creatures though adding up the boosts to make sure the refund is correct :nerd_face:


The era of the rat is over :clap:. Thank you, best change ever :+1:


Now THIS is what I like to see! Keepidap

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I take back everything negative I’ve ever said. Well, not all of it.

Please consider changing the scaling of how speed boosts work. Don’t make it possible for a base 105 speed dino to be faster than a base 132 dino. Apply fractional speed increases. So if something is base speed 110, each speed boost applied takes it up 0.1 or 0.05 speed. This way, you can make it faster than an equivalent base speed dino, but doesn’t make a lumbering giant faster than a nimble raptor.



That’s a lot to take back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also said… “well, not all of it.”


Is this a diversion from the fact they made a mess of the tourney again? :laughing: