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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts in New Co-op Mode

Hello DPG members,

As we continue to work hard on the upcoming summer update, we’d like to help you prepare by keeping you in the loop regarding some of the changes involved.

With many creatures and ability alterations on the way, we are aware of your concerns in regards to Stat Boosts. In the new update, each creature’s Stat Boosts will be refunded. This will give you the opportunity to redistribute them so that you may match the new changes that are implemented.

We hope this answers some of your concerns. We can’t wait to share some more exciting information with you!

Happy playing!


OOH! another stat boost refund. Thank you. This is really nice. I can at least make some much needed changes to my team. ( too many boosts on 1-2 dinos. would like to change that up).
This will help a lot of people. Maybe some nice meta changes as well.


What about boosts lost in the past to removing them from dinos? Do we get those back too?


Ooooh! Y’know what, while I am an unboosted player, having never applied a single boost so far (at first out of indecision, then as a fun experiment), I might try playing boosted for a while if they’re all going to be refunded.


Thank you for letting us know about this! Now do we get a hint on when we can expect this update? :grin:


so does this mean, that we can just reboost them back or will there be a huge change that we won’t want to reboost them.

Wonder if it will be all the boosts you have ever acquired or all the boosts you currently have … the former would negate any rollback losses :thinking:

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Probably not, simply because you choose to remove them.


We choose to remove them because that’s the only method they give us to move them around. Why should someone who de-boosts, making it almost necessary to buy more, be penalized for playing the game the way it was designed? The 50% rake should never have been implemented if there was the slightest chance of another boost reset. That’s robbery.


Knew it. Took longer that I thought though. Let’s see how update will shake the meta.

Yesss, i can finally upgrade my team again hopefully

Loving this communication - where’s the real E.D??? What have you done with him?


I knew we’d get another boost refund eventually. Glad I waited it out - I can FINALLY remove my weak spot (Thor) and get in a better dino.

I do sincerely hope, however, that with these creature updates, I won’t be saying goodbye to half of my team members.


Thanks for the warning. The bad news better to know as soon as possible.

He feared that this would happen since the announcement of news and the worst omens have been confirmed. Go back to doing an injustice with all those who try to follow some kind of strategy in the game.

Anyone who has spent their boosts on the cursed Yoshi, on creating a Megathor, on the hateful Indo2 or even on sarcorixis, Trex or any other tournament creature is rewarded. Also anyone who plays compulsively thinking about the short term and spending any boosts they get. They have earned DNA, Boosts, Coins, and HC and will now be able to unpack and reassemble their equipment without penalty.

Anyone who tries to follow a medium-term strategy with their team, anyone who has been saving their boosts while slowly collecting DNA to create an exciting creature at some point to enter their team, is spit in the face. Once again.


It sounds like there will be major changes to creatures and abilities though. So who is to say the same creatures will still be relevant. I think it’s only fair to do a reset if there are big changes coming that will impact entire teams.


Thanks for the Communication


People employ many different strategies - who is to say any one is better than another; there is no “strategy guide” that says what path you should follow …


Stay tuned.


:heart_eyes: :eyes: