[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

Hello fellow DPG Members,

We’re looking at your feedback and have decided to clarify a few points pertaining to the Stat Boosts Roll Back.

  • The Roll Back itself will only affect players at level 10 and above.

  • We will credit Jurassic World Alive Cash based on the total amount of Stat Boosts currently in your account. With these rewards players will have funds to enjoy the Stat Boosts.

  • Players who want to take advantage of the Stat Boosts sales will be able to purchase until Monday 9AM EDT a maximum of:

    • 20 purchases for Attack
    • 20 purchases for HP
    • 3 purchases for Speed,

These amounts correspond to the original planned sales and distribution of Stat Boosts in the store, equaling 1 Attack and 1 HP per day, and 1 Speed on Sundays, for the past three weeks. These purchase limits should help diminish the unbalanced matchmaking being experienced in the arenas.

Our team thanks you for your patience and continual feedback.


Hello fellow DPG members,

Earlier we announced that we intended to make some changes to Stat Boosts.

As of Friday (05/17) morning around 9:30 AM EDT, we’ll be in maintenance to reset all creatures’ Stats modifications to 0, and give free Stat Boosts to all players based on the maximum amount of players would have won through natural progression (including through collection of the Daily Battle Incubator, completion of daily events, etc.) since the release in order to reinvest their Stat Boosts where they see fit. These are the number of Stat Boosts you will find in your inventory:

  • Attack Stat Boosts: 115
  • Health Stat Boosts: 115
  • Speed Stat Boosts: 85

We will also credit all Jurassic World Alive Cash that was spent by players that purchased additional Stat Boosts from the market. To do so, we calculated how many Stat Boost points are lost in the reset per player and converted them into packs of 25, just as they were sold. In order to guarantee that this transition is to the player’s advantage, we will round up the result of that pack numbers operation. Then, each calculated Stat Boost pack (e.g. 25) will be converted into 500 Cash, as a direct credit to the corresponding accounts.

This is done automatically; you do not need to do anything to get your free Stat boosts or Cash other than to close and relaunch your game.

In addition, until next early next week, we will have Stat Boosts in the store that will allow players to purchase units in Hardcash. This sale will have a maximum consumption limit equal to the originally intended distribution so users who did purchase legitimately Stat Boosts can re-acquire them.

Finally, we are also rebalancing the Speed Boost gains based on your feedback to create a more balanced experience. With these values, any creature with its Speed slowed down by 50% will be slower than any unboosted creature

Here are the new Speed Boost gains per rank:

Thank you all again for your incredible support and please share your feedback below,


I realise my speed suggestion came last with players but this max 50 kind of same as max 40.:blush:

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They actually did it, they’re refunding and rerolling all boosts!


Can we just trade In our Stat Boost for hard cash or coins if we don’t want to use stat boost? Like in Pokémon go you can feed berries for stardust in gyms.

Seems like everyone is just getting reset on stat boost and all they have to do is reapply so nothing is changed. My non stat Boosted creatures will still get destroyed by stat Boosted creatures.

End result: the whole last year of playing amounts to nothing still. Yay


Bravo ludia!

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Good idea Ludia… hope this is the first of many to come

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I knew I should of taken stock of my boosts before maintenance…

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I screenshotted all boosts just incase


Now if only they could split the arena into boosted / nonboosted…


Hmmm. So they are doing exactly what I predicted last night on the metahub discord, but got flames for suggesting it.

Thank you Ludia. This is the most fair method for rolling things back. Thank you for doing the right thing.


what about those have opened all daily battle incubators? some stack 3 DBI will have advantage then?

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If this means 1k cash per day, that’s way too much. If it doesn’t get reduced it’s like making players pay $10 a day just to not lose everything they’ve worked for.

Other than that, great news!

haha que the crying now!!


Sounds perfect to me so far! Please roll out today! Exactly what we needed!

Well done Ludia. This is great. Would personally have preferred an even bigger speed nerf, but I’ll absolutely take this


OMG … for once I can’t actually see anything wrong with their solution - addresses all concerns (apart from those who just hate boosts fullstop); of course this is all subject to them actually implementing it correctly without any further exploits.

:+1: Ludia for the concept
:100: if you manage to pull it off without further issues


besides putting them back in the market?

Great solution. Only thing that would have made it better would have been nerfing speed even more.

Now I get a rematch with those level 21 thors that were crushing my level 29…:slight_smile: