[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

It’s starting to become glaringly obvious that they are going to need to add a way to pull Boosts off a creature and return them to your stock.

At a cost of course, or perhaps a timer. Or maybe both?


My kids level 15 Sino weeps ever time it meets a level 16 plus Sino. They are no joke. I remind my kids the dna is too precious to us to level past 15… they need more allo and utah…

This is exactly my point.

It is my deepest hope a new run what you bring make it yours and achieve mentality replaces this current tyrant only must be number 1 one.

Because if your mindset is be number one in a mobile game you can’t complain about cost

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Yeah an over leveled sino does great till it meets thor and they realize all the boosts, coins,dna they wasted.

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Its not so much about being number one as much as its being able to compete… that over leveled sino may take them through lockdown but once thors become a normal dino you face there is a realization that you could have spent your dna,coins, boosts on your own thor… or something that can counter it like rinex or utasino… either way your dna was better spent elsewhere.

Thor is only dependent on a nerf. Could be severely hurt.

They will nerf thor to 30% crit on the patch the release crit boosts… maybe even 20%… i feel like most we will be able to gain on crit % is 10-20… 20 on a 5% dino is still less then thor… 20 on thor as is would be crazy. Even if they nerf him to 30 and the boosts are woth 20… thats 50% crit… lol

Ive often though thor is like tryo without needing to get hit for a turn to set up.

Trystoronix is the reason I’m not trying very hard to make thor

Now that you can boost his health.
He is a different beast all together… the only thing that hurts him is rtc against anything other then dio and tryko is immediately followed by dracocera… i think its a law of nature that if i think i can get away with an rtc… they have a draco in hand.

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I use etc when I know that the ferocious or shattering will kill current dino and hope I’m faster than the next. If not I will waive off and drop in a counter attacker or monomimus.

I have dracoceratops but I’ve tailored him to be a full play dino rather than just swap in attacker

I used to only use it against tryko… but these days if i can get an rtc followed by ferocious that can be game right there so i do gamble more with it now.

Exactly. I did buff him. His attack and speed. So that he puts out enough damage to offset his frailty (it being fragile is funny since it looks like a zombie).

My wife didn’t understand why I would get him all ready for the big attack and swap until I explained. My team is light on heavy damage so I pulled him out to keep him alive and let Puru or monomimus deal with it.

I never got any hard cash back even though I bought one of each boost. I tried contacting through the game but no one has gotten back to me.

not sure what to say if you can’t see that :sweat_smile:

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Running into a few Dio users that have used instant invincibility vs Tryox on turn 1 like Tryko users would sometimes do early on. Enjoying it while it lasts.

Yeah… i has a guy with a 24 tryko use instant distraction on my erlidom today… thought to myself 4 levels and you still dont get how this stuff works so you just use the same rotation and hope for the best.

Ludia, why do you pretend to have a community manager on staff if he just goes afk for 3 days every time there are time-sensitive issues, questions or concerns about your game?

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This is an excellent question.

The Post says their plan was originally to allow 1 speed/health per day and 1 speed on Sundays, but they leave out ‘how long’ this original plan was.

If there plan was this kind of release indefinitely that brings up significant concerns, if it was say, maybe for a month, and then a break, that’s a little more allowable.

The silence is deafening. I think the writing may be on the wall. But maybe they will surprise us.

Yep, the sale is back.

Pity whoever got caught in their scheme and now has to keep paying $10 a day or fall behind despite just spending 20k cash.

Here’s the refund thread for y’all: Anyone actually had a refund?