[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

Those who do daily battle incubators should still get them in the total amount calculated in the stat boost refund? That would make sense so we can repurchase!

Ludia I may just enable my sub again, you actually LISTENED to the community and fixing the issue, thats worth respect in my book.


I wonder if speed boosts will be purchasable?

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Once bitten twice shy!

Also, don’t Daily battle incubators give different amounts of stat boosts? Isn’t dependent on level or arena?

:pray: Good stuff

Depends on bracket, sub 4000 get +3, higher get +4

I like the idea. I wish boosts weren’t able to be purchased but besides that it’s better than i anticipated

Going for a NAP hoping I’ll wake up in Dino heaven again! Thanks Ludia for correcting mistakes it makes well with everyone! We are all super fans of JWA even some extremely devoted to the game like myself ! Balance and correction! Arena I’m hoping will be perfect again! (Hoping) haha :rofl:

LUDIA THANK YOU (After Roll out LoL)

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Well done Ludia. Well done.


It looks like it’s a flat amount of boosts to all players though. I wonder if this means they are given the +4 daily incubator to all players in their calculations?

lol whos ready to put a whooping on those thor exploiters!!




I have my whooping iron ready

If it is the +4 for everyone, then I get some free ones then.

i did lose stat boosts though because i had 3 daily stacked, unless that goes into my other balance aswell.

Me, ill be speed boosting my Thor hahahah, j/k!

Or am I =/

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this time tryko will join the party for me.

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Too bad we can’t get back the enormous trophy drops as a result of this fiasco. Clawing back 400-500 still near impossible since everyone will still spend all their free speed boosts on Thor/Tryko.