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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back


I’m honestly okay if Thor was to get a nerf. But with that, I can only say PLEASE nerf the rat also if they decide to do this. Thor is your only sure shot against the easily fused legendary dino. I have 10k of Draco and 40k dna of tri gen 2. I can get my dracorat up there easily but its meh, so easy to get such a destructive dino. Meanwhile its not that easy getting Tarbo atm. You need 3 uniques without Thor for that thing with boosts.


Yes I prefer to balance my team too… Those super boosted creatures may give you easy wins, but if they’re not selected, you’re probably screwed.


The way I see it is like tortoise vs the hare. They want wins right now, easy wins. But a fully boosted team is going to win. What happens when Thor isn’t selected in the line up? What happens if thor doesn’t crit. What happens if there boosted indo’s cloak doesn’t work… Its over. I still have boosted monosteg or utahsino to deal with there scraps.

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most people i’ve played have crazy thors and one or more others. i played a 7K/2600 thor and the person also had a tenontorex with similar stats :scream:

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Congratulations Ludia. You did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. I think I will just leave this game as I don’t want to fight against people that swap in Dracorex with 5000 hp and 2400 attack and use it 3 times in a fight.





@Jorge @Ren @Ned

I guess my question got lost in the 900 posts, so I’ll repeat. Are boost sales expected to follow this schedule for the foreseeable future after the current deal expires?

I (and anyone else with a shred of respect for themselves) won’t spend 20k cash on boosts unless I’m sure the deal doesn’t have strings attached (in the form “Now keep paying $10 a day if you don’t want your initial investment to go down the drain”).

If this isn’t yet decided or you’re not authorized to answer, please say so instead of keeping silence.

Thank you.

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Just saw this:

Actually a scary looking Stegod, Purut was able to destroy it though. Really starting to like that little indocroc :0

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Show me your (or others) BOOSTED DINOS ! Let’s get some inspiration!

I’m not one to Nick name Dino’s but between me and the wife purutaurus is the puppy or murder puppy because of how it moves when you fuse it. Also guardians of galaxy

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Yeah this thread is a whole bunch of nope for me.

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100% re-balance - I used my refunded HC to purchase the 3 speed boosts and 6 each of the others; first thing I did was take all of my team to 3/3/3; then Thor, Magna and Erlidom to 5/5/4. Remaining 41/41/0 held back to see how things settle. Seems to be working nicely so far.


brilliant isn’t it? :joy: have people spend 1000 cash/day, 1500 cash on sunday. so total of upto 33,500 per month. then have tournaments for only 30,000 cash :joy:

and good news, whether you spend that money or not, you’ll still be matched up with the people that buy all of them. :rofl:


Oh they will, they crit more then I take breaths of air per day. :blush:

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All that health makes them bleed nicely though :smiling_imp:


yeah, the rend moves were made to combat health boosted dinos.


if you thought JWA was bad though. you can essentially buy limitless boosts in Jurassic World The Game. And they only last for one battle. Starts at like $4 each and goes up exponentially if you don’t wait for the timer cool down to run out :sweat_smile:


yeah but the 2500 attack thors will wipe out your whole team before you bleed them or render them


L30 speed/health/damage boosted Suctotator - bleeds and damages first attack then instant distracts :smiling_imp:


Hold my beer…

For a few years lol while I work on that 30 sucho.:sunglasses:


not super hard for thor to be faster than suchotator. and if it is, it gets IC before you can distract.
also if it crits the DSI, none of that even matters.