[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Event Delay


Dear DPG Members,

Today’s Strike Event was temporarily pulled in order to fix an issue that was affecting players’ Trophy Count. The Strike Event will be back live and available on your maps once it is fixed.

In light of this, please note that all player Trophy counts will be returned to their historical maximum amount - up to a possible 5,000 Trophies. This will occur upon the first re-login after the patch is deployed.


Thank you!!! You guys rock…


Thank you for the update, Jorge.


Amazing! Thank you Jorge!


Fast response, good solution :slight_smile:


Please rethink dropping everyone to 3500. When the glitch happened today, I ended up having to battle level 17+ players with teams of all unique and legendary dinos as they worked to get back to the top arena. I’m only level 10 so it was extremely frustrating.

To have this happen on a regular basis would make battling to get incubators impossible unless I’d deliberately drop arena levels then work back up…doing to someone else what was done to me.


Thanks for the update…


I’m not happy about this. I spent a good chunk of time dropping my rating to farm low arena incubators with my low level team. I’m now forced back up to Arena 7, and now will have to drop my rating again if I want to continue? :frowning: I’m not impressed.


So they’re back, but not in the same places? There’s one quite far out in a field now, where before it was much nearer the road (and thus more accessible). Still looking forward to playing, just kind of a faff.


So my medals are also back. I’ll try this one it’s appeared like 2 doors down.


Just had one of the few green drops in my area become an event drop with the orange top. :roll_eyes:


So how was it again? Could I select an extra team for that, once I arrive on that spot or do I have to change my standard team?


Firstly it’s nocturne the early one was dawn.

Secondly did not reset my medals this time. They are back.

It’s your normal 8 team. But you are told the opposing team and given advice. You select the 4 from your 8. Again the bots are low level anyone could probably win first day in game. I’ve yet to need a second Dino.


I just saw this. Still can’t find any strike events…So when will they be live again?


When I saw the level of creatures that I would be facing, I changed up my team and used lower level creatures to make it more of a challenge for me. :sweat_smile:

While the some opponents for the Strike Events might seem disappointingly low-level to some players, it is a great opportunity to use some of those underappreciated creatures that players simply can’t use in the standard Battle Arena.

I’m sure that Ludia will have the Strike Events back up shortly…Just have to be patient and keep checking in.


I did Dawn earlier. And 30m ago I did nocturne.
Currently I can see 3. They might be up if you close the app and get the latest patch. Then look.


So you’d rather have everyone drop to 0 upon season start? 3500 is much better as it’ll only take 2-3 days for all strong players to move away from the weaker players.


My trophy count was fixed. Boom. Really well done Ludia. :slight_smile:


Yes, I just went out and one of the few green drops in my area has now become a strike event. Super peeved, since there are now loads of strike events and hardly any park events. :angry:


Incubator results for the strike event to those wondering what you could possibly get.

Round 1 - 100 coins (lvl 3 dilophosaurus gen 2)
Round 2 - 200 coins, 5 darts, 104 diplocaulus, 10 diplocaulus gen 2 (lvl 3 dilophosaurus gen 2 + lvl 4 einiosaurus)
Round 3 - 500 coins, 10 darts, 260 stegosaurus, 26 proceratosaurus (lvl 5 einiosaurus, lvl 4 dilophosaurus gen 2, lvl 6 iguanodon)