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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events January 20, 2020

Hello fellow DPG members,

Due to some technical difficulties, the Strike Events were briefly disabled and have been reactivated!

If you are experiencing missing Strike Events, please relaunch your game.

If you are still experiencing trouble with the Strike Events, please do feel free to contact our support team at

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Thanks for the udate on that but any about interactions and scents from supply drops?

“You can also find during this time Sanctuary items and New Year scents in Supply Drops!”
from the event thread.



Still missing the scent and FIP’S

What about the Lunar scents, or are we experiencing another New Year scent ordeal???

How are things going wrong every week?

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Apparently they just keep ignoring posts about this portion of the bug.

What’s really sad is that we don’t even ask for these things… Ludia tells us one thing… then it’s always something else


They tell us something is coming.
They fail to deliver.
They ignore us when we raise the issue.

They’ve been on here and posted about strike towers, and the maintenance, but continue to ignore us about this issue.

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