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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


I wrote ludia about something like this once and they sent me a breakdown of what I received


Yes I have get incubator after winning and I never got situation like you got.


So you got a breakdown of the crap :poop:!

I will pass! Better off not knowing anyway! In the future I may open incubators with my eyes closed like I do when I fuse!

Less disappointment that way!


Sadly I didn’t pay much attention. Irritator gen 2, my epics were pteranodon and grypo. I think my rare tric but that was it… Nothing usable


Did you see if your coins went up at least? Surely you would have known if more than 10 000 coins were added to your account


Not really I have over 100,000 so


Lucky you. I am always broke, just like in real life :smiley:


I got Concavenator and Grypo DNA from the epic incubator from this strike :sob:


Grypo not to bad for next legendary…:thinking:


Put the flying dinos out of Strike incubations…they stupid worthless noone needs them…!!!


Please fix the issue of strike events spawning at event supply drops locations and removing them on the map so they become regular supply drops… I had 2 event supply drops close to my home, but when new strike events popped up earlier today one got removed. Really annoying!


I have lost twice in indoraptor strike terror and I dont have hard case for 2nd rematch.
I have mistake about battle and wrong chosen dinos.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes it difficult to beat it


Couldn’t agree more !!!


Hi. Guys. Well much question will be whit the use of game in my simple opinion i like of conversations whit my friends no only in alliance. This between the comunication better members of the group. My necessity is different of other and whit one chat whitout see the face i belease that join more participants and give am up in the game.


there is nothing. In Chile there are very things to fight and dinosaurips to hunt


How do you collect the dna on shooting an indo raptor. The pop up after you shoot tell you collected enough dna. Then when you go to make him tells you not enough dna. I screenshot it cause I was so excited. Someone explain this to me.


Firstly it’s a bit silly posting in this thread when it has nothing to do with your issue, you should have just posted a new thread.

Second of all, you should really add a screenshot of the unlock page for Indo so we can see what the actual issue is.


I did add a screenshot


That screenshot only shows you have enough DNA. Where is the screenshot of the ACTUAL problem, i.e. where it tells you that you don’t have enough DNA.