[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


So there were like 5 strike events near my house now there not any anywhere! Wat gives



I saw a strike event on my map that was out of range bit it said it would be active for one day and 22 hours, and i was able to go there after 3 hours and it had already disappeared!


Saw them this morning, they disappeared, then I was prompted to restart and they are back. I completed the first one and got my rewards. All the rest of the sites now say I completed and I can not battle any further. There are 4 in my neighborhood. Can’t we just battle them all? I like to walk and it would challenge me further. But not if we get to battle one and done. Hopefully the night arena will be active.


Tried twice to use this new feature but after i pick my team and click BATTLE, it just goes back to the map. I tried several times at 2 different locations. Please fix the bugs. :frowning:


My GPS is very, bugy I have no plan what it is

Ps: my English it’s not so good because I am from germany


Got my trophies back. I’m back to 39XX. This forum is great.


I think you can only battle them twice a day. At dawn & dusk when they appear.


Guess we will find out! Another note, I was at 3300 and change. After I battled event, it put me at 3500. I would rather earn it, thank you. Down some now as I lost a battle! Lol


How about fixing the mapglitch which has been an issue for people since the last update instead of adding new things again…


Ludia, please remove this strike event and supply drops, because there is a military area there and there is nothing to catch there

Maybe in exchange for compensation you add three drops of supply in these locations, instead of those removed in the military zone?


This is :sunglasses::star_struck::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::tada::confetti_ball::fireworks::sparkler::stars:AWESOME :bangbang:️:bangbang:️:bangbang:️


So beautiful, like it too much


This is super cool!!


It’s better the strike event comes everyday and has no limitation per day, so we can improve our team skills


Had the same problem. Closed and logged out of app and restarted it and it worked.


Strike Tower was a nice addition but I’m somewhat disappointed that you only get one go at it. What is the point of having dozens of them pop up and it running for two days if you can only do it once?


It doesn’t mean, only if you having dozens of them around you, that this counts for everybody. I guess they applied the rate. compared to the region you live. So everybody should have one in his/her range. Because I think you don’t want to travel 15km just to compete in this Strike event.


These arent as fun as i thought… i have 2 strike events next to my house and i completed 1 and started to go to my next i checked it and it said completed so having mutiple locations is uhh :roll_eyes: dumb they shoulda been individual attempts like 3 attempts for the day at any 3 locations


They just work the same way as the event Dinos. Otherwise people living in big cities like new york, hongkong, shanghai, berlin, paris all over the world would have an advantage, because they have hundreds of these strike events. This way everybody has equal chances no matter if they just have one in their vicinity or 20.