[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


I was imagining that similar to POGO raids, they would spawn in random locations with a timer to beat it. Starting off with the entry level Strike Events like what we did yesterday with very low level dino’s. I figured they would expire, then when the next spawn happened, they would be level 2, with tougher dino’s. Level 2’s wouldn’t spawn until you beat level 1. Then you beat the Level 2 Strike Event, and after it expires and they respawn, they would be Level 3, etc.

As it stands right now… will they always be this low level? If there will be higher level ones, how are they indicated? What determines the level of the dino’s that are in the Strike Event? I don’t understand the purpose of this event or the mindset behind it.

Perhaps a more detailed description of what its purpose is would be helpful… I understand you set up a PVE (Player vs Environment), but what is your reasoning for the level and what is your plan to scale it up for better challenges and better reward? Do you plan on the next ones in 2 days to be more difficult and they scale up every 2 days? These are the things that would help me understand. As of right now, they are quick, easy, and a one shot deal, giving no real incentive to look forward to them in the future, no big deal to miss out on them.

Please elaborate. Thank you.


These are great idea, but would be better if you had more than one chance. I won one on the first try, now all the others say complete. Not as exciting now that I can’t try for any more.


It would be neat if you could do it again and again, but each time you had to use different dinosaurs and the ones you previously used were not able to be selected. Maybe let you choose from your entire roster rather than just your 8 man team.


When it started yesterday I had two near my job, I could go out at do it but it said I had a whole day and then some. I went out a few hours later during muy break and the class of was like a mile away. I tried restarting and stuff but they are all so far away now. They should spawn every few supply drops. They are even further from my house and I live across the street from a park

  1. it would be great if in the regular battle, we can choose 4 dinos to fight like the strike events, rather than 8 dinos but randomize to fight
  2. please improve the battery drone so we can collect more dna
  3. change to buy join vip with cash we get from supply drops or incubator not buying with real money would be nice, thank you


I apologize if this had already been answered, but I’m only able to do it once?! Found one, did it, beat all 3, now every single I’ve visited says “challenge complete” Is that normal? We are only allowed to one time? Or is this another bug


Wouldn’t have a clue. I was able to do it twice albeit 4-5 hours apart once it went live on the first day and till now have been unable to get in.


Strike events are cool but why do all of them say completed when i only completed one location?


and they’ve now disappeared at the end of the countdown…


Its how it is suppose to be. :slight_smile: you can only do it once. All of them are connected. It was a glitch the first day and they took it away. Therefore some people, like me, could do that event 2 Times instead of 1.


I did the three event battles yesterday and now it won’t let me battle again how long do you have to wait before you can do another battle


I believe with this first one you only got 1 shot at the Strike, which should have consisted of 2 or 3 battles. If you got the incubator you’re done until the next event.


When are strike raids coming back are they after this treasure hubt event or whats going on hadnt had one since this event started


All my strike events after the last update disappeared and I have about half less dinos appear on my map…kind of annoyed.


Being able to pick a Strike Team, without changing your PVP team would be a good idea.

I just walked past a Strike Event and decided not to do it, because I didn’t want to change my PVP team, do the Strike Event, then change my PVP team back again.

A separate Strike Team (being separate from “My Team” would be great.

@Dzikus_YT - Why remove them?
Maybe the Military Personnel like to stock up on their supply caches while at work… :slight_smile:


Any thing extra our donors can do is a bonus !!!


Your strike events are way to easy a level 4 can do it. Make them harder please, They also shouldnt last 3 days to do five one minute attacks. The battle system you updated is poorly updated with over abbusive trophy dropping and abusively agressive people. I was in a battle and this coward loser swapped his dinasaur 5 times to abuse his level 17 with counter attack against a level 12. Any player who does this tactic should be suspended from pvp. Constant swapping is overly abused and you should only be able to swap 1 time per battle and 5 times a day. If you want to keep a good game do not let people with 3000 trophies battle with people with 3300+, if we do we should earn ta free 24 hour incubator. Your level gaps are not okay. The stegasarus fusion is overpowered and should be nerfed to 1900 hp or less i see it 100 times a day. 1 in 10 battles doesn’t abuse it. If you wanna keep me as a vip for the year and my 3 friends fix these issues. It DOESN’T TAKE 5 DAYS TO DO 5 STRIKE HITS THANKS YOU. Even so the rewards are not worth my time, the gold cap per day also needs to be removed or increased to 100k. If it costs 20 to 25k per upgrade be smart not illogical.


Ok, gonna enjoy it :upside_down_face:


Dang. Chill. It’s a game. Sure a somewhat unbalanced game but a game. As for matchmaking, it’s a little funky from time to time but not enough to merit online scolding. Switching dinos is a tactical decision, leaving the substitute vulnerable for a free hit. I kind of have to agree with the strike events. But not everyone has free time all the time. Some people who work play this only on break or such. Ludia is just giving everyone a fair chance to battle and get rewards. Tho I do think that the difficulty should be level based, lidia is at least on the right track, and improvements should be soon to come.


Strike Events is totally different than the Tournaments that’s gonna start soon that will reset our trophies down to 3500 right?