[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


As soon as you can see them on your screen, you can now tap on them and flag them (upper right side) as “not accessible to public”

For strike events, I think it should be great if we can choose the difficulty of the battle, as many house or game room video games have ( simple / normal / hard ) so that you can choose what level to fight. Same dinos, different level so that hp and damage can be low of high. The more difficult opponents, the more DNA achieved in case of victory.


I have it all the time, like a few flags, I write why they have to remove it and something like that.


Can you put something close where I live :cry:strong text


Mmmh not sure why this happens. I suggest you to contact ludia’s support (the email address is support+forums@ludia.com ) with your support key and screen in order to let them investigate on this.


There’s a harder rate strike event, so difficulty just depends on rarity. I think.


Good idea! Hopefully in the future


There are blue towers and white towers. They show different rewards. So, do we get to complete one white and one blue, or do we need to decide which one we would prefer to conquer and be rewarded for?


Fix your PvP a stegasaurus shouldn’t be aloud to have both slow strike and slow hit with such high up, and NO DINO SHOULD BE ALOUD TO USE COUNTER AFTER BWING SWITCHED TO. OR USE INVINCABILTY AND COUNTER IN THE SAME TURN FIX WHAT YOU BROKE


You can do both once


Basically the strike events are gifts from Ludia. Be thankful Ludia doesn’t put up Level 30 Indoraptors for the challenge.


Good job! They are a blast!


I enjoyed reading all the questions & responses. I learn more from you guys than the directions. I’m retired & my grandson got me to play…NOW I’m hooked on killing Dino’s & getting coins! I really enjoy this game. Keep directions simple!


so sad there’s no trasure box anymore, cause it’s hard to collect many coins with supply drops


Good morning!

Just finished my battle!:heart::philippines:


Completed the blue strike event over my house and looks like I can do another one just by walking a few streets … brilliant … some of the blues went dark when I did the one closest but there are still glowing ones alive :smile:


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So this just made me very upset we are in a very small town hardly get any Dino’s and during the strike event it froze on me and my friend and neither of us could choose a move so of course we lost! Not very happy


The level of the dinos should scale to the player’s team (sort of the way the treasures work now) Would allow everyone the same chance of success.


I had the same too. Too far out though to see if get another shot at the event


I really like this games. i am doing decent