[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


When I read that you can complete this strike event twice, I ran out almost at midnight to check and play it. Who knows, if it’s ment to be this way. May be tomorrow Ludia will fix it and make only one try.

I wish that such a major alteration was published and patch noted. Cause who knows, if it’s a bug or it’s new way it’s ment to be.


Got a gold strike event today. Only one Dino to battle … a level 26 blue … I won which is amazing as my highest Dino is a level 20. Love it :smile::+1::heart:


I’ve encountered multiples of the same event. So far the highest is two of the blue ones this week and also two white last week. You can play them as often as you find them but when you’re out of chances on one the only hope is another one if you want to continue. Added pics as examples. All Taken within 30 mins of each other and 60 minutes of the battles. Also shows that distance affects appearance.

Hope this helps.


@Mutley, you can tap them at a distance to see what they are but if they are still full color they are still active. See my post below with pics.


When you get the higher Battle Incubators they often have as many or more coins than the chests had.


Not yet. Each set ups the difficulty. More battles too.


@jammco, not being a Ludia insider we can only guess what they will do next. In the five that I’ve done the difficulty is increasing with the number of battles required. If that continues and there’s no offset for low level teams some won’t be able to win at all in a few cycles.

Looks like the purpose is to provide both battle practice and more / higher creatures to a large number of players.

Does that work for you?


@Chandra, some incubator examples. The 12 is in between the 8 and 24 but contains as many coins as multiple chests. The 24 has almost as much as the max for the event. True you can’t get those daily under normal limitations but you can get significant coin even without chests. The larger strike events are good as well. Here’s the first second and last collection from the Blues currently available. Significant coinage there as well. With multiple events, if they continue, you can multiply prizes as well. Select the question marks or checks if you’ve already collected and the grand prize to see what your potential is. My coins have doubled mostly from strikes and incubators in a week and the 24 hour one has been there that long. One 12 and a bit under a dozen 8s. The chests didn’t hurt anything but they didn’t have that big an impact for me.

For what it’s worth.


@Ashley_Antkowiak, that freezing when going into battle is a bug. If you recognize it soon enough you can force close the JWA app and reopen it. Often you can take control instead of your team being on autopilot the entire match. Sometimes I make it back in before the first one is down others only one left. Difference is how fast I close and restart the app, hopefully there aren’t any updates in progress when you start.


Military also plays this game.


Which military plays the JWA game?


Whichever ones live or work in the military and want to play the game.


I’m a vet, and I would’ve played the heck out of this game on base if I was still in. (Figured the real H word would get my post auto hidden. :roll_eyes: )


If i force close by time i get it loaded back up iv already been killed


I would like to suggest something.
Let’s say a player has completed a specific Event, why not let them battle again - but will have to pay i.e. cash. Make it cheap i.e. 10 - 30 dino dollars depending on the incubators offered.
You’ll be making loads of money from event through volume.


Someone is cheating & stealing points from people via battles. I recently played this person in a battle & I was winning, I already won 2 of their dinosaurs about to win the third & this opponent ​ended the game abruptly and then it showed that they won 3 dinosaurs & they never did.

Please assist as if this continues I will no longer be playing this game if people are going to cheat and take away my trophies


It’s a good game but I wish the event dinosaurs wear better I wish I could catch legendary dinosaurs


@scrappy_scooby, lol. That part I got. Was just curious if you were talking about the military of any particular country or branch. People in the military want to have fun too. Hopefully they have a solution for when their location is supposed to be secret that doesn’t cause them problems with the location spoofing ban.


@Dominic_Rath, sometimes you can. There was a recent month that allowed the chase of several Legendaries and epics.


@Ashley_Antkowiak, that’s very frustrating. I get the exact same problem several ways. By recognizing when is beginning to happen, doing the Force close, and restarting quickly I can often get back in before my second creature is badly damaged and sometimes while my first is still trying. The team is on autopilot so each move has to time out before the first creature up takes a move that’s the first one they have. That’s the cycle you’re trying to beat, the countdown timer for your team’s moves.