[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


Those strike zones that we get to battle are so random. One day I got to do three different areas in the city. Another one I got to do one at night one at day time and got to have six fights in a row in one strike zones not three. I don’t know what JW alive is doing it I’m getting very frustrated


The number of battles is related to the overall prize. There was a Common (grey color) strike which only needed 3 wins. The Rare (blue) needed 7 wins because the prizes were better. Only 1 strike event so far have we been able to do the same scenario more than once, typically it’s one attempt per scenario. When you read the descriptions you’ll see the backstory and theme for each one. Its not just totally random.


Any idea why all of the battle drops just disappeared? This morning they showed days remaining, then when I got out of work they are all gone.


@RaptorRapture this is a known glitch! If it happens again don’t hit the continue button but quickly force close and reopen the app and you will be back where you left off!


They are gone for everyone! Maybe tomorrow they will fix it


Glad to hear I’m not the only one who had all the strike zones disappear. I hope they resolve this quickly.


It’s not the strike events it was in the new update, anyone above 3000 trophies would have them reduced to 3000


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What strike events are going right now? Thank you🙂


yeah right thing to do is to replace it


not as many coins as treasure chest that come for the first time, we can get 25,000 coins perday


@Chandra, agreed. The first one was much better but ones who actually work to find them all until they max, wait for the next cycle and repeat can still get significant coins.


Help! My name should NOT SHOW HERE!?! It changed on the “battle screen” but not here! Please help change my name on this forum…


I am not sure this is possible, try to click your profile icon on the top right (should be a D ) then the gear icon on the left. Under “username” there is no possibility of changing. I don’t know if you need to disconnect something under “Associated Accounts” to have something changing. So I think you need to email Ludia to see if they can modify your profile name or having their confirmation that you need to open a new account with a different name…


Dear Ludia when legendary strike even will come ??
Which one price from DNA LEGENDARY…:kissing::kissing::grin:


There were not any Strike Events near me today. None in my town anyways. Good Luck folks.


Are there no yellow/golden (epic?) strike event towers? All I’ve seen are the grey and blue this week.


They might happen tomorrow or friday. They usually give players a chance to hit the others before unleashing the “beast”. LOL


Ah ok! Just with the others ending shortly I was nervous there wouldn’t be any at all.


May be tomorrow epic strike event will be appear.i hope it’s come true. Today I got epic /24h incubator from thropy.35xx my level now.:grin: