[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


Strike event indoraptor has come.
Any body know to win the new indoraptor strike event??
Please help me because my team just little power
Please help me to choose best dino


I hate this event called “indoraptor strike!”


Jeez, L30 Indoraptor???

Let’s hope he won’t one shot my stegod…


Indom (for last hope), Stegod (slowdown->Rampage), Stegocera (for stunt lock),

This is all I can help…


Any tips to beat it?


Easy, lvl 21 Stegodeus + lvl 20 Stegoceratops


I one shot it with my Indom, hope for the cloak, and the W is yours. Good stuff in the incubator too. No indo DNA though :frowning:


I cannot help you, or better, I dont’ want this responsability :sweat_smile: I will fight this strike event in half an hour, and I read both:

Hope you can find out how to manage the strongest dino of the game.


I beat it with 2 hits
1 from tany
And finished him with indorex


Beat it with Level 16 Indominus and Level 18 Stegodeus. But RNG worked in favour for me because Indominus dodged and hit critically and the Indoraptor didn’t dodge twice…


You got a nice team there @Migdad!!

  1. Definitely open with Stegodeus: Thagomizer, followed by Impact. Then Shield (being a bot, Indo might not even use Defense shattering move).

  2. Definitely get your monolophosaurus as a counter for nullifying move if required.

  3. You can put in your Indominus if you want to rely on RNG.

  4. Tragodistis (superiority strike and invincibility shield hoping it won’t use defense shattering) or Spinotosuchus (use lethal wound or DOT move to gradually keep lowering it’s health).

  5. You can also start with your Velociraptor, use pounce. Then leave it on luck, hoping you do good damage before your veloci dies.


I did it! Stegoceratopo (lev 19) took the attack, slowed indoraptor and attacked with greater stunning strike (worked) then stunning impact (not worked and she died), Indoraptor with almost 1k remaining, finished with my Tany lev 18.
PS Indoraptor used evasive when my Tany came out in the fight.
Dna, meh… but I got 200 anchilosauro, yay!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks to you who has give me the best advice.Its very help me to choose best dino. I hope my choose reach best Attack for beating indoraptor and get price.:grinning::hugs::grin:


I also hate the Indoraptor strike. One shotted each of my highest dinos, even my Indominous. :confused: I’d rather it said I am not high enough level to participate than waste time and hope on it.


I have lose.indoraptor stronger then my dinos​:joy::joy::joy::persevere::grin:


Keep working on your team. There are lots of strike events out there so you can gain money and dna to help levelling the dinos! :slight_smile:


Dear Sara last minute I pay 200 money to Rematch strike I choose spinosuchus 17 then Veliceraptor 18 and dinos stegodeus19 yes I am lucky because last stegodeus can beat the indoraptor.But the reward epic unuseful now​:sweat_smile::grin:


Why does it cost 200 if you lose?
Why so much


I dont know but it’s ok I got 11000 coin and DNA epic eventhough unuseful now.its worthed.


Yeah, it took me twice as well. It one hit killed a couple of my guys the first time around and dodged several attacks… felt totally unprepared.

My 5 year old said “Never give up” and convinced me to pay the $200 to play again. This time we picked different dinos, and it was still close, seeing as the Indoraptor dodged like 3 attacks during the battle, but I did manage to stun him once and he went down finally but it was very close… he would have killed my last guy on the next move if he had dodged again.

Love the challenge!