[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


Congrulation you already have beaten indoraptor 30 it’s amazing experience could win the special Strike.Idont imagine too could beaten 30 indoraptor with my little dinos team, eventhough I must be rematch and pay 200 money.:clap::+1:


I have falling down T-REX STRIKE 30 reward enough good with DNA ALINOSAURUS…:grin:


I beat Indoraotor with 23 Allosaurus and 1 strike with 20 Tanycolagreus


New Braciosaurus strike it’s very hard to Winning .Anybody Could help me to choose my team from 1st until end to defeat the Braciousarus please give yours best advise.:hugs:


@Migdad check advices here


Thanks for yours help,Its difficult for me to get high level in opponent braciosaurus. I need a lot of coin to upgrade ideal dinos for fight bracio.maybe I missed this event strike​:grin::see_no_evil:


If you can’t beat it with that team, id give up


Just give it a try! It doesn’t cost anything and you can be lucky with indominus cloack or stun lock him with your stegoceratopo. :wink:


Waiting for lvl 30 Stegod, 30 Monomimus and 30 Diloranosaurus.


Can the current Strike Event be extended please? I wanted to go out to complete them over the past hour, then realized that the game is down for maintenance…


I have lost my braciosaurus strike. I have forgot that maintenance approximately at 08.00.at 07.15 the server has down and I missed that strike😭


I haven’t complete blue ptereosaurus strike,why the blue ptereosaurus strike has gone near my home suddenly after I open in just 3 hours later.:thinking::thinking::disappointed_relieved:


Its time limit must have expired before you got back to it. That’s the only explanation i can think of. The towers all have time limits. Some are only around for one day, some are around for two or three.


The blue ptereosaurus strike has 3d until finish but the tower strike change with white strike.ihope I find blue strike in different place to finish and collect rewards.


I think that may have been what happened, and I’ve seen towers change location daily. So it probably got replaced by today’s strike, and moved elsewhere.


I have won the epic pteresour and collect ptereosaurus DNA and created it.yes fortunately I have sarcorixis with powerful locked and monostegotops with nullifying effect.
Yes epic pteronodon has created.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congrats! :heart_eyes:


Thanks @SaraCuriosa for yours all supports.:grin::+1:


Me entrisce el fracaso debido keep moving forward. Enjoy to playing the game.


Think I encountered a bug with the Epic Pterosaur strike event. Used the Greater Stunning Strike with my Stegoceratops and successfully stunned a Pteranodon in my final attempt at the last incubator. While stunned, the AI used up the entire timer on what I assume was trying to Swap out to another flying creature but was unable to. Not sure if stun should prevent this or not. Anyways, the timer ran out and I lost the battle although hadn’t had 3 creatures defeated. And I lost my chance at the last incubator and completing the event.

This happen to anyone else?