[News] Jurassic World Alive | Strike Events


Something similar, although i didn’t lose the match. I kept stunning pteros, and they’d try to swap out, but the AI apparently “forgot” that this was their last ptero, so it didn’t work. I even had that happen against Pteranodon, but I guess this bug might be random in occurrence. I didn’t lose the match.


Im happy thay I managed to create Pteranodon and Alanqa too



I finally find a strike event in WiFi range! Give it a shot! Really LVL 21 Air! Well gave that up after first incubator! So i try couple PvP battle’s! With tournament on I lose even with Good skills these Dino’s big!
Think I’ll wait till after the tournament to give any real effort to gain trophies! Not sure how to make this game more fun for us PPL who Play for fun!
But today was less than worth the time I spent playing! Sorry ludia I love this game usually! But not Worth paying for and getting Less fun by the min!


I beat a level 30 Indoraptor with a level 19 velociraptor and a level 16 Indominus Rex


I totally agree with you on that whole subject! PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS IM REALLY ABOUT TO QUIT PLAYING! I’m slowed down my playing because I’m it’s just not as fun as it was before!


Agreed. I started playing JW Evolution on my PC, and it’s far better than JWA right now. It’s more engaging, and building your parks across all five islands from the movie lore really keeps you on your toes.

No multiplayer, but it’s not needed. And JWEvo WORKS AS ADVERTISED, as opposed to certain games which shan’t be mentioned here, out of a sense of politeness to Ludia…


I play JWA very sparingly at best, now. It’s just not holding my interest, and all the bugs (this game has more bugs than a bait store) make it tempting to just uninstall it from my phone.


Ludia, do something about the three strike events you guys decided to place all at once that have taken over almost all green event supply drops. Two of the creatures DNA I need most (raptor and gallimimus) and there’s absolutely no way I can finish 48 attempts with this total lack of green drops. I usually have several within range of my house and lots scattered across my town. I drove my daughter to school today (usually at least five green along the way) and came across only ONE green drop. I decided to do a loop through my town and the next one over and between both towns I came across FOUR TOTAL green drops (and I took all main roads then doubled back to check a few busy but not main ones). Miles of driving and only FOUR LOUSY DROPS. oh and 3 of them were Deinocherus. It’s already hard enough to find the ones you’re actually targeting. This is ridiculous and I’m gonna go right ahead and guess you will do nothing to fix this, nothing to make it up to your players who invest tons of time and money into your game and pockets, and nothing to keep it from happening again. You really need to learn a thing or two about customer appreciation and satisfaction. You’ll be bankrupt within a year at this rate. Fools.


@TyrannosaurusLex couldn’t agree more with your post! If Ludia keeps this game strategy Ludia my not be bankrupt but the game will be history! If they don’t do something right away to change this JWA may become the fastest mobile game in history to jump the shark! Especially with a similar game about to be released in a few weeks!

Mods pass this information on to the devs! Allot of players won’t even visit the forum they will simply delete and walk away!


I will totally be one that will walk away because I’ve invested was too much time and money on this game and it’s too hard to find the dna I need AMD almost all my Dino’s need to be upgraded and I don’t have the coins to do it


What similar game?


Every time I have flagged or reported anything I get the same message you have in the screenshot. I don’t understand the point if it can never be sent.


My god, it looks like you spend relentlessly in this game. You know that is essentially just getting you DNA for this crazy lineup of impressive dinos you have, but you don’t seem to have much luck with them. Improve your fighting skill through practice not your roster through your wallet.


No @Cacapupuzulu I dont feel that just collect DNA dino,I learn a lot of strategy for win battle too.I hope my dinos competitive for this Tournament. Now my rank at 4261 eventhough tomorrow will lower.I just enjoy this games.


I think stegodeus needs a nerf


You can beat Stegodeus easily enough with good timing and stunning and strong blows. She’s tough because she takes so long to create.


Yes, I have win the shield breaker duo, i use monomimus then indoraptor finally with diloranosaurus.Fortunately i got Dna monolophosaurus.


Did you get a reward after winning this? I just won it and there was no incubator.


I am in a similar situation! I won and it glitched and not 100 percent certain I got anything! Definitely did not open an incubator but I thought after I force closed it said I missed rewards but could not see what they were!