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[NEWS] Jurassic World Alive | Support 9/11/2019

Hi everyone, Support has informed us, due to the increased amount of tickets being sent in, they are currently a little behind in answering every one. Please give them time to respond, the team is working overtime to try and respond to everyone quickly.

Here are a few tips to get your issue resolved faster:

  • Include your support key (particularly important and will speed up the process)
  • Give as much info as you can
  • Time and date help them narrow down the problem as well
  • Don’t create multiple tickets! This resets your place in the queue
  • FOR DNA please say how much you spent (will further speed up the process)

Also, note due to the increased volume of tickets, support has enabled their automatic responses for e-mails on. If you e-mailed before today, 9 am, you may not receive a response but they do have your ticket.

Thank You

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A :ghost:


Hi Debora, it is a known bug and already on the list here: [News Jurassic World Alive | Known Issue Since Update 1.9 thank you for reporting it though.

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what dna issue?

I am not sure what you are asking can you provide more details?

fuses were wrong for new hybrids

@J.C instead of players being asked to individually contact support over the alliance mission rewards not updating, wouldnt it be easier for you guys to take it directly to them since it is affecting a lot of players? this issue shouldnt be hard to fix for them surely. it would be another blow to the game that is already fading if once again a percentage of the player base was unfailry treated by not getting valuable and needed DNA like the Blue DNA offered currently. i was affected by this same issue last time and the response was the devs didnt have time to fix it due to exciting things coming. well it seems that the excting thing that came was the same issue!

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The alliance rewards fix is in but it will only take effect when the week restarts. Support has no way of tracking who was affected which is why you’re being asked to write in.

@J.C will those affected have the correct rewards provided to them?

So is the -40 +20 trophy bug being worked on?

only if they reach out to support

Also, I depends how far down the list you are. I sent something yesterday and only got the default reply. Hoping it gets viewed before Sunday