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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Testing Beta Social Link


Hello fellow DPG members,

We’re testing new links for players on our social channels to access the game, and we want your help!
Using a mobile device, tap on the link below, this should launch the game app and reward you 10 Cash!

Let us know how this BETA link worked for you!

10 Jurassic World Alive Cash :point_right:


it worked for me and i got the 10 bucks


Worked for me too


why are you doing this? i mean, what is the benefit of opening the app through the forum instead of just going on my mobile and open it from there


A heads up for the people who would like to try the 2nd time in anticipation of extra bucks. It won’t work that way. Lol


:joy::joy::joy: there’s always ppl trying to get more lol


Worked for me toi


Great success


Thanks for the 10 bucks!


Got the 10 bucks, but after accepting it, the entire screen was non-responsive. Not sure if it’s related as it’s not entirely unusual for it to happen otherwise but just FYI.


Worked for me, thanks JWA!


I had this too first. If you have the app open already this happens.


Did NOT work for me. I click it and this shows up…

The top link brings me to the play store and the bottom link goes to Ludia’s website page about the game. My app did not open automatically, nor did I get 10 cash.

EDIT: Link did not work with Opera browser. I tried with Chrome and it was successful.


Worked. Not sure of the purpose of it lol but guess that’s besides the point :sweat_smile:


Same here… after i got my 10 cash screen became unresponsive…


I got my 10 bucks! Thank you :blush:


Worked for me too


Got my 10 cash!

My guess is that we’ll start seeing posts up on twitter and whatnot with ‘Thx for playing and watching this account, click here for freebies’. In other words, another way of getting more followers, probably.



Also worked for me. Thanks for the extra cash. :grin: