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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Thanksgiving Event 2019

Prepare for a gobbledy good time!
From November 25th to December 2nd , you’ll be able to duke it out in Flightless Bird Strike Events and partake in Harvest Treasure Chases for tons of extra Coins and Sanctuary items! You can also find during this time Sanctuary items and Harvest scents in Supply Drops!

On November 28th, take on a flock of flightless predators and win an Epic reward! You’ll even be able to lure these menacing beasts with Thanksgiving Scents.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I appreciate the news, but can we possibly have an announcement that it’s actually an announcement and not a teaser?

Like: “this is going to happen in this, this, and that way, and it means that [follows list of what’s actually going on]”


Give me those Thanksgiving scents! And make them last a few days after too like you did on Halloween that is very welcomed heh.

Yay! Murder chickens!

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Appreciate the sanctuary items in chests.


give us…what is this 1.10? are we going on 1.10 or is it 1.11? heck idk…give us the new update patch notes already >:[


How about a special announcement like this… great news fellow Jurassic world alive players we have decided to fix all the bugs in the game. Or something on the lines of this.


Oh please add erlikosaurus gen 2 in this event! :pleading_face:


@E.D this is just for the USA correct? It’s a USA holiday so I wouldn’t expect the rest of the world to benefit from the holiday, you know just like nobody got to from the singles day except Asia or whatever.

It’d be much appreciated if you guys can ditch the ridiculous maximum purchase on themed scents per week. Why on earth would you even start doing that in the first place??

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So business as usual just a Thanksgiving theme? Sort of what it sounds like lol

Its a Thanksgiving theme with extra items and scents. So not quite business as usual.

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I’m just here for the extra sanctuary goodies can I get an amen


We have had extra special scents on non specific holidays as well, examples: raptor, theropod, croco scents etc. This is nothing but a dressed up weekly event.

You had me at Sanctuary items.
Thanks :ok_hand:t2:

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Would be nice if you would finally fix the map. I’ll probably lose the only drop in range for chest. Normally I have 3 drops in reach, but yet again for event I have bugged map with only one drop.

It’s nice to get some Erliko and more items. Will these items replace regular drops items, as those barely exist now or green drops will go extinct again?

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Sweet cant wait too get out there and collect them ekstras :smiley: hope you already are looking intoo the lack of chests :nerd_face: drove through 3 small towns last nigth only got 3 chests :confused:. Happy thanksgiving :blush:

Very very limited chests around; managed to find 4 during a 45 minute drive last night and zero during an hours walk today :frowning_face: