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[News] Jurassic World Alive | The March Movement


Hello fellow DPG members,

Join the March Movement! The DPG is calling on all its members to help protect prehistory. Throughout the entirety of March, the DPG will send challenges to its entire community. Work together with all other dinosaur lovers to earn awesome prizes for everyone!


  • Alliance Rush (NEW)
    • 03/01 to 03/04
  • Global Challenges (NEW)
    • Supply Spree: 03/11 to 03/15
    • Drone Dash: 03/25 to 03/29
  • PvP Season 6
    • 03/07 to 03/18 - details here.


Prepare for our NEW Alliance Rush events! The new 3-day event will be held from 03/01 to 03/04.

See details.
  • Every Alliance will accumulate Rush Points throughout the event.
  • Rush Points are awarded as follows:
    • 1 point per Battle started.
    • 1 additional point per Battle won.
  • Each members’ points are calculated and added up for the Alliance’s total Rush Points.
  • Throughout, the top 50 Alliances’ progress will be tracked on the forum (see below).
    • For now, only the Alliances’ names and total Rush Points will be tracked.
  • Individual players will accumulate Rush Points for whichever Alliance they are a part of.
    • Accounted for Rush Points will not be subtracted from an Alliance if the player who earned them leaves the Alliance during the event.
  • If an individual is not in an Alliance at the time the Alliance Rush event ends, they will not be eligible for this Alliance’s rewards. Individuals will receive the reward corresponding with the Alliance they belong to at the time the Alliance Rush event ends (see below).

Scores will be updated on the forum. Here is a timeline you’ll be able to follow on the corresponding weekends:

  • Friday, Alliance Rush will begin @ 10:00 AM EST.
  • Friday, first Rush Points calculation will occur @ 3:00 PM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Saturday, second Rush Points calculation will occur @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Sunday, third Rush Points calculation will occur @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.
  • Monday, Alliance Rush will end @ 10:00 AM EST.
    • Final results will be posted on the forum shortly thereafter.

Alliance Rush Rewards:

March 1st to 4th


In March we will be launching a new type of event that will require the entire player community to participate!

See details.

Specific in-game actions required will be defined, and then reward tiers will be set. For each tier the community hits, they will unlock a more valuable prize!

Supply Spree

The whole player community will have to spin Supply Drops, including Special Event Supply Drops, to unlock their reward at the end of the week!

  • Starting: Monday, March 11th @ 10:00 AM EDT
  • Ending: Friday, March 15th @ 10:00 AM EDT


Important Note: The rewards are NOT cumulative.

Drone Dash

The whole player community will rack up completed Drone flights. - A single hit, no matter the amount of DNA, must be accomplished to count as a Flight. - Unlock your reward at the end of the week based on the tier the Community reaches!

  • Starting: Monday, March 25th @ 10:00 AM EDT
  • Ending: Friday, March 29th @ 10:00 AM EDT


Important Note: The rewards are NOT cumulative.

In the first iterations of these events, the LIVE Progress Bar will be displayed on the forum. Data will be gathered at the following times for each of the events, and the Progress Bars will be updated shortly thereafter.

  • Monday @ 4:00 PM EDT (first)
  • Tuesday @ 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT
  • Wednesday @ 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT
  • Thursday @ 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM EDT
  • Friday @ 10:00 AM EDT (final)

Alliances :hugs: let’s get those premium incubators

Alliance rush :hugs:
Global challenge :heart_eyes:
Pvp season : go fix bugs, cheaters and speed ties first… :angry:


Ohhhh this looks awesome. :+1:


Oh yes! Love this


Ohh very exciting! Global challenges are going to be fun! Everyone working together!

Is this replacing alliance missions though?


Ooo, I like the global challenge/award concept. A bit of freshness to the game.

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This is much much better

excuse me, ludia.

your new events are great…
but, what about allience missions?

they’re just stuck for few weeks,
and you didn’t fixed it.

you’re not trying to remove it, right?


I don‘t know the rewards didn‘t really make me gasp…or am I merely expecting another fail?


Don’t worry about that… We’ve new things to do

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Are spoofers out ?
If yes, then awesome!
If not, then all this seems moot.


new things sounds great.

but alliance missions were great, you know.

I missed it and wanted to make them back…
but it didn’t happened.

and it’s quite disappointing.


Sounds good, but DNA for Alliance rush isn’t something to jump after.


This does not replace alliance missions.


Alliance missions will come back eventually tho

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What do u want? more than a chance at premium incubators ? Seems amazing to me


I love the idea of a community challenge! Will there be a counter or something in game where we can see how close we are to the goal?


Sweet! Looking forward to the possibility of a premium incubator!


Looks like it’s only going to be tracked on the forums for now. Don’t know if that will change in future.