[News] Jurassic World Alive | The Offspring Pass

Oh yay more flocks in lower arenas…

But still good

But paying for something isnt grinding, its the exact opposite!!! It takes away from the achievement if anything.
Expanding the ptw gap isnt the answer, apart from the fact that as i outlined above that disparity is already massively exessive, a low level newer player is just as likely to be ptw as one in the higher arena.


The pass gives out free Unique DNA without having to pay a dime. That is the point they are trying to make. The pass is not grinding they just hand out free Unique DNA for just completing missions that take 5-10 minutes a day. New players have so much more access to free Unique DNA that new players did 2-3 years ago but everyone still complains they don’t get enough free stuff.

The solution is somewhere along the lines of less exclusive Dino’s… where your not just waiting for the next event or fips to level a Dino. Like more dilor and less rexy. The way the game used to be when ftp player could just grind their way into end game.

Their not giving away free uniques out of kindness… with exclusive components that still need to be leveled and unlocked. Their left with a Dino they can’t level for an extended period of time because they won’t have the components at a level needed to fuse.

Unless of course they visit the store then they can just buy the dna to level it up along with some boosts.

It puts lower levels into the “ptw” race long before they ready. Not to mention it kills off the variety newer players used to experience in the arenas… how many passes before the only teams we see pre end game are teams of pass Dino’s.


Hello DPG members,
We were aware that Offspring Grand Premium Rewards was a duplicate of the Gigantic Pass rewards. This issue has now been addressed! You’ll only need to reboot your app to see the fix. If you’ve experienced Grand Premium reward issues, please contact Support either via in-game chat or e-mail at support+alive@ludia.com with your Support Key included.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Let’s hope nobody has bought the Grand Premium Pass just because boost reset tokens have been listed there just to get disappointed after rebooting the app :slight_smile:

It equates to far more frustration though. Newer players who never played during the time of the thor pass are at a massive disadvantage to those just an arena above. It also makes battles extremely rng related, whoever draws the pass handout wins, only way to counter them is to use your own.

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Because of this pass I now have this beautiful boy

He’s amazing btw


I brought the grand pass and got dna for Giganyx and her hybrid complements.

Missing out on Beta, Microraptor and Compsoraptor :frowning:

Same problem happened to me with getting giga dna not to mention missing out on the new emojis, emailed and sent in game help request no answer as off yet

Update: Ludia have sent mail to me missing things and have already rectified problem, thankyou for fast fix, not to mention bonus off the getting the initally wrong items which i could keep well played Ludia :grinning:

This pass barely has ghost and micro dna in it

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You got robbed bro!! Email those people’!!

I’d really like to know whether the problems with previous passes have been resolved.

I bought both, and on both occasions I was charged immediately. However, in both cases there were several support tickets needed before they became available.

I was actually asked to follow various complicated steps, including uninstalling, logging out of accounts, reinstalling etc
I have saved screenshots of the entire fiasco, and I’m not happy to engage in it again.

For the record, I didn’t actually receive the last pass until I had completed the progress already.
The ‘fun’ part had sadly elapsed.

There were many players impacted by these issues, so it would be great for the community to understand if the bugs were fixed.

So far, I don’t feel encouraged.

As soon as this season began, I received several notifications that the pass wasn’t working as advertised.

Is anyone able to clarify whether this is another installment, requiring engagement in a lengthy side quest with support?

I don’t want compensation this time. I honestly just prefer messing about with dinosaurs.

Hello again, DPG members,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re currently sending out the right Offspring Grand Premium rewards to the affected players.
If you were affected by the Grand Premium reward issues, please check your inbox regularly, as the in-game mail will expire in 7 days.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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So people just get extra dna from the old pass then. Wish i would bought the pass before they fixed it so i could too.

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I just bought this and thought I was getting an extra 200 Giga along with everything else. I’m either want that extra DNA or my money back. That is not fair.

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I got a refund through Google Play, couldn’t get an answer from customer support. Don’t do it!!!

I advice you to spend any hard cash your currently have Ludia tends to zero out hard cash on accounts regardless on how it was obtained after a refund is issued by another company.

Let’s go! I hope this won’t disappoint I love these passes can’t wait to get on!

Welcome to the community,by the way I like your pfp