[NEWS] Jurassic World Alive | The Season Campaign & Bonus Unique Pass


We are happy to introduce newest features getting added to game

  1. The Season Campaign

It is like season pvp we have in game that rewards refreshes every month… But in CAMPAIGN!!!

All campaign rewards refreshes every month and if you finish all levels in less than a week, you will have extra rewards in intermediate levels

  1. Bonus Unique Pass

We know that players are unhappy with pass finishes fast and rewards are affecting lower arenas; So we changed it a little

Pass rewards are now based on level

There is an extra pass for who that finish it early, named “Bonus Unique Pass”

It contains UNIQUE DNA as reward based on player level from 10 to 250 dna as reward;

Unique creatures in pass all have exclusive components;

it has 10 levels that each requires 80 pass data. VIP doesn’t affect this pass and there isn’t any premium or grand premium here;

DNA increases from first level to last one from 10 to 100 for players at lvl 10 and under lvl 10, 50 to 150 for players at lvl 15 and under lvl 15, 100 to 200 for players at lvl 19 or under 19 and 150 to 250 for lvl 20 players

What do you think ? Let me know in comments

The campaign is a good idea. The bonus pass is not necessary. The amount of dna you can get by just buying the premium pass is good enough

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Thor : oh i don’t think so