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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Geo Event 2020

It’s the Gible of JWA!

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  • There are 15 global epics total, all spawning at dawn/dusk (and other times but all overlap at dawn/dusk)
  • Globals spawn less than locals, we know this

So even if we give it a high estimate and say that 50% of spawns are global, and every global epic has the same spawn rate, then hunting at dawn/dusk gives you a 3.3% chance to find a titanoboa over any other epic

Going at night with an epic scent would be your best chance. I believe that gives approximately a 16.7% chance to find one if we still go with the 50% are global, and all globals have the same spawn rate. (Only 2 global night epics)

If Ludia is nice, they buffed titanoboa’s spawn rates vs the other global epics, but we can’t rely on that.

Don’t forget we only have 11 days!


Yay! 11 full days to try and find ~9 Titanaboa to get it to level 15 and then never seeing it again. I’m SO glad they decided to do this to Titanaboa instead of making it available.


Kinda underwhelming for an event, but it’s better than nothing.

I’ll be glad for this opportunity, hope spawn RNG is on my side :smirk::snake::t_rex::star_struck:

Please put it as February’s creature of the month



excellent news. thanks

Oh gosh, I certainly forgot about the nightmare that is snake darting. I only saw one rare boa and that was incredibly frustrating. I can only imagine the epic will be infuriating


This is ridiculous.
The face of the update isn’t in the game at all. Then when it finally is introduced, it’s for an extremely limited time in a large spawn-pool.
Good job, Ludia. Just fantastic.


Indeed, I am ready for not finding one anywhere.


Spinoconstrictor here I come :snake:

Why are certain dinos held back in such a way?

If we can get boosts every day in the store, then we should have a chance to collect dna for a Dino every day too.

Crazy that it’s only available for 11 days.


Should I get a fire ready under the cauldron of tar, or hold off for a spell?


I hope I can find several… I’m not so confident after only finding 1 Maiasaura for the last event


Wait, maisaurua was active last event? I thought it was a joke!




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Not that it helps with exclusivity, but it should have the same spawn mechanic as the Woolly Mammoth did, which is the same pool as the hybrid pursuit. So it is a completely different pool than the global epics or local epics.


still, the spawn rate was so low that i only saw 5 mammoth when they were out. hoping they buff the spawn a good bit. ( they really should, considering this is another case of making the flagship dino super exclusive and it kills moral for the game.)

Sssso that’sssss why you decided to make 15 epicssss global. Knew there was sssssomething behind that decisssssion :joy:

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Oh I completely agree with that. But at least it isn’t competing with the 15 epic dinos that have now gone global.

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