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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Geo Event 2020

So with it only being 11 days, how will people get Dilophaboa or Spinoconstrictor? Certainly sanctuary fipping takes several eternities to the infinite power. Let’s not forget that some zones like *cough cough Zone 3 cough cough will never see it, so that basically makes any attempt at getting it being moot

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Hopefully it won’t be too exclusive otherwise I’ll be relying on someone in my Alliance finding it and putting it in the sanctuaries.


I’m wondering it it’ssss more like thi$$$$$$$$$ :smirk:

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Please make sure their are a lot of the.!!

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I think that is the first time I have agreed with you 100% … possibly 2nd

I love it when she gets all technical …

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You know I love my numbers and spreadsheets! :heart_eyes:

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What I suspect is, it will be appearing on Valentines.

I wouldnt be surprised I the slightest if they do it so its easy to spend to boost them as opposed to grinding and levelling it for free.

That is what I heard as well

I hadn’t considered that. Makes it a bit better. Would be nice to have it as long as Mammoth as well, though.

At this point it doesnt matter if a dino is easy to get or not. If they sold Titanoboa in unlimited purchase incubators, they would get the same amount of sales as if they sold boosts. Probably slightly less long term but the spike in revenue will not be small.

They should just sell DNA in the market, not random chance incs but actual specific dino DNA incubators for real money. Not like that doesnt lead to more boost sales.

They love the gatcha effect of incubators… why i have no idea maybe their slot machine roots. Most other games have a rotating selection of cards you can buy in the store everyday for coins… with limits… here they could do 2 commons 2 rares 1 epic… change it every day. Having another coin dump would increase coin sales. Take it a step further and change some of the event dinos to incubator exclusive to the three top arenas… ie library rhino, gyro rhino and mammoth, and beach the other two and titanboa. If your in those arenas when the shop refreshes you have a chance those can appear in your shop as well.

Might even help with droppers since dropping would mean missing out on a chance at titanboa.

A lot of people already say that there is no point going out hunting. That would destroy an entire chunk of the game and would lead to an unbalanced game.

Goodness only knows what an unbalanced game would be like :rofl:


Since boosts came out a lot of players do not care about hunting anyway. Just pump boosts and dominate.

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I would think there are quite a few users like myself who enjoy hunting but have cut way back on our hunting time. The ‘more active’ hunters have several hundred thousand of pretty much every creature available to hunt. I have many common, rare and epic to level 20 or above with max storage showing and enough to get them to level 30… with DNA to spare. Quite a few are at Max Max storage. Why would I ever dart another creature I have no use for?

Without hunting access to new creatures there is little reason to go out and spend any time hunting. Without any use for the DNA I already have an abundance of, why would I dart more of it?


watch it be the gen 2 :rofl:
also, why do ya’ll only wanna sell epic scents for 11 days? :thinking:

Apparently the dna exploit that’s been used since July 2018 also works for wild spawns. So some players will get tons if they find one.

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Is it really only gonna be with us for 11 days? Cause there’s no way anyone’s making spinoconstrictor unless Ludia does the obvious play of making $100 incubators with only 200 boa dna in them.

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