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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Titanoboa Geo Event 2020

I managed 145 on a rare Titanoboa, I can not imagine how difficult the epic will be. If I at least see 2 or 3 I should be able to unlock it…

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Obviously this is down to the individual player which is fair enough. I am only trying to get prehistorics to 20th. That’s my personal in game goal. As I have said many times before I don’t bother with hybrids. When the weather is good and hopefully more often now that Winter is on the way out I’ll be going out again hunting even though for most creatures in the game I don’t need their DNA.

It gets me out the house and if I can get DNA that may be wanted by members of my Alliance then that’s the goal. Then there are the daily missions, which I could complete sitting at home and buying incubators, but I’d prefer to go out looking.

These days I feel I’m in the minority with that but perhaps that is because when you have been playing a long time players have nearly everything and playing the default aspect of the game seems unnecessary now.

I just can’t get excited for this event. I’m not expecting to see many of them, and when I do, I’m not expecting to dart them for more than 100 dna per. This will be a big let down for many players.

The last Maiasaura event I got 0 in the whole week, So no big expectations for this either.

Use campaign mode to get him

this is for the epic one that hasn’t been released yet. It’s the one people need to make the new hybrids. the campaign mission titanoboa is the G2 version.


Is it spawning now or will it start spawning after weekly event starts?

Is this spawning now? Can we get a heads up.

What time of day does it come out and also you should make Titanoboa a Valentine’s Day presents cause some of us might not even find and get one

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the epic titanoboa’s event works like the hybrid pursuit. it’s spawn pool is from that. It will be out at all times during these few days.


Don’t worry too much, im sure the $170 incubator will be in perfect range lol


This event is a JOKE!!! I haven’t seen even one in the wild. I used to have some respect for Ludia but now I have none. :confounded:


0 for me , 0 maiasaura too 3 weeks ago.
And I spend enough time in the game for a casual find, so I guess it’s just a myth.

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That’s not even the best part! Even IF you manage to come across this unicorn, the thing is so hard to dart that you barely get anything for all the effort! I usually shoot 150-200 (no VIP) but with this thing I can’t even break 100!


i think most of it is due to a new model and movement. unless you’ve darted hundreds of the rare one, you aren’t going to be the best at darting something that moves like a whip.

still harder to dart than it probably should be imo.

200 miles driven… 0 snake. I usually don’t like the epic events they have, cuz you hardly find them. Def not enough to waste time on.


Haven’t seen a single one yet, disappointing.


The spawnrate is trash…but well typically ludia


I’ve seen 4 now. I think 1 was from a scent.