[News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Clash 1st Week

Celebrate the Tournament Clash theme with the first week of offers and events surrounding creatures that perform well in Tournaments! This month’s surprising 6th Tournament is in honor of this exciting theme.

Between March 9th and March 15th, Collect creatures and resources to help you rise to the top of the Tournament rankings all week. You can do this by visiting Event Supply Drops and getting them in the Showcase Incubator.

Bring 3 creatures with Swap-In abilities to battle against this team of Tournament aces to win a special reward in this Strike Event. Then face off against creatures who top the Tournament ranks in this special Strike Event!

Lastly, don’t forget to collect up to 25,000 coins during the scheduled event with the special themed Treasure Chase.

Battle on! :trophy:


Meh, rather disappointing week, wish it was based on the top tyrants of the tourneys, also chests for 1 day only despite it being “Special”. After this month how about from now on all months are 5 week tourneys? No more 4 or 6 tourney months anymore. Regular schedule as a 5th week but once the 4th is done the 5th starts right after and then it’s duration is like all other tourneys. Giving us a chance to hit T10 every month (T10 should be doable every month, shouldn’t be easy but shouldn’t be impossible either). Also, are you going to do anything about the 1 takedown only rule in the 2nd advantage tournament? If not at least exclude ALL FLOCKS. We certainly do NOT want to play a tourney where whoever has the biggest Teryx wins. Regardless you should just remove it, this tourney will be extremely dreadful for newer players trying to get their takedowns done for their alliance.


I mean you can’t do five tourments in short months like one’s who end at 28 day’s in the months.

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What creatures are best? Mine are still very young creatures. I only win when ur computer feels sorry for me. Please be aware of new players. Put a help section somewhere to explain important knowledge.


Or a simpler solution, just lower how much you need for T10

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@E.D it was great that Ludia put out a survey but you really are missing the key question(s) and there was no spot for comments. Personally I did not mind it. Normally I will get my 10 takedowns in 4-6 battles. If I was hitting 50% success in the new tournament, that would be 20 (shorter) battles. As an alliance leader, we saw several less experienced members struggle and that is disappointing. You can imagine that we set alliance rules for our members, one that most higher level alliances have is to get their 10 takedowns weekly. Noncompliance will eventually lead to removal from the alliance.

So - what you are doing by making the tournament tougher for less savvy players is going to get them kicked out of their alliances. We need 95% compliance to get level 8 rewards in our alliance so we have to mandate that criteria. Ultimately, the change has a negative impact for less experienced users overall. An easy fix is to change to a 3 to 5 ein requirement. Those of us who like to battle will keep playing, no issues there.

Also - this format is going to kill the average player in advantage tournaments. The disparity is huge. It should only be used in skill.

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J’ai réussi à attendre l’arène 9. Je me bats maintenant avec 5 dinos épiques (lvl 20) , 2 rares(20) et enfin un légendaire (18). C’est très chaud à chaque combat ! Parfois impossible à cause non seulement des créatures supérieures mais aussi de leur niveau qui est au minimum de niveau 21 et parfois même de 30!
Seuls les combats contre l’.IA sont faciles.
Et une notice du jeu aurait été la bienvenue


Translated from French

I managed to wait for arena 9. I am now fighting with 5 epic (lvl 20) dinos, 2 rare (20) and finally a legendary (18). It’s very hot in every fight! Sometimes impossible because not only of superior creatures but also of their level which is at least level 21 and sometimes even 30!
Only the fights against the .AI are easy.
And a notice of the game would have been welcome

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