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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Medal Distribution (May 2021)

Hello DPG members!

Some changes in the Tournament Medal Distribution will be made as of May 21st, 2021.

The medal distribution will be returning to a 20/40 system. Matchmaking will continue to be determined by Medal Count.

Note: The Medal balance you see from another player’s Profile and Leaderboard is their Highscore, not their current score.

Below will be a breakdown of the basic rules:

  • If you defeat an opponent that is below your Medal Count, you’ll be rewarded with less Medals.

  • If you lose to an opponent that is below your Medal Count, you’ll have more Medals deducted.

  • If you defeat an opponent that is above your Medal Count, you’ll be rewarded with more Medals.

  • If you lose to an opponent that is above your Medal Count, you’ll have less Medals deducted.

  • The maximum amount of Medals awarded from Battle is +40.

  • The minimum amount of Medals awarded from Battle is +20.

  • The maximum amount of Medals deducted from Battle is -40.

  • The minimum amount of Medals deducted from Battle is -20.

Like Seasons, the goal is to reward players when they defeat players ranked higher than them and penalize players less severely when they are defeated by players ranked higher than them.

Happy Tournament playing everyone!


Hey all!

We hope your weekend went well. We’d like to gather your feedback concerning the Tournament Medal Distribution.

Take this survey and let us know!
This survey will be available between today May 24th until Wednesday May 26th 10:00 AM ET.

Link here: JWA - Tournament Medal System

UPDATE (May 27th):

Thank you all for your input in the survey! This gave the team a little more insight.

We’d like to inform you that as of this week’s DNA Tournament, we will be returning to the 30/30 Tournament Medal System.

For more information on how the 30/30 System works, check out this forum thread:

Here :arrow_forward: Tournament Points Distribution

Happy playing DPG members!


Not sure what I think of this


At least make sure the system works properly before chucking it to us in the middle of the season… Same with the arena rn. Playing against 500-1000 higher and still losing above 30 is such a joke. Definitely hoped you’d learn your lesson but well well well… here we are again. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEASON?! What gives? Are you impatient or what?


This is a terrible idea. Especially with speed ties galore in the skills tournaments.


Oh …that’s absolutely awful

I think that’s all I’ve got to say on that .


idk about this. 30/30 seemed fine.


this is tournaments not arena. it would be okay in advantage I think, but in skills tournaments…it’s going to be nasty


Arena has been meh for me in this shuffle, the system doesn’t help, outside of the shuffle it’s fine for me
Tournaments however
Especially “skill” tournaments, it’ll be a mess

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I have nothing against this new (old) system but how can it be released while we have no way to verify it is implemented correctly. We absolutely need to see the CURRENT score of our opponent at the END of the battle. @Ned


Can’t wait to lose 40 points 10 games in a row because of speedties and rng


Noooooo, not the tournament…
It will be hard for me to get used to at this system lol

Theres pros and cons biggest con of the 30/30 system is after a negative streakof about 3-4 battles, your discouraged from battling another ten time to just try and reach you max score.


Ok, putting this in arena is fine, but why tournaments?!?!?! Skill tournaments were my favorite thing to do in JWA, but apparently I can’t have good things.


This should be relatively fine for Skill Tournaments, since we’re all on a level playing field. The speed tie issue will still need to be fixed before it’s a great idea, though.

However, Ludia is clearly missing the big picture for Advantage Tournaments. I have all level 20 epics with no boosts put on them. If I fight someone who has a level 30 Rixis with boosts, but a lower Medal count than me, I’m punished more for having a weaker team. This type of system will NEVER work well in Advantage Tournaments unless Team Strength is taken into account.

Please Ludia, revert this change until speed ties are changed and matchmaking is based on team strength.


You seem completely clueless about how your game works. This will kill “skill” tourneys. Lose 3 games to rng and speedties, congrats now you gotta win 6 in a row to climb back. Winning/losing to someone ranked higher than you means almost nothing when everything depends so much in rng.


I think it’s a terrible idea for advantage too. Can you even imagine the whining here when people teams of sub 20s start getting -40s against level 30 max boosted teams who waited until Sunday to start? :popcorn: :popcorn:


that’s very true. The whole system doesn’t even need to touch tournaments. They are fine as they are. And it’s during a 5 week AC when a lot of alliances are pushing for T10 :unamused:


So who said that Ludia is listening to the playerbase more?

I do feel @Piere87’s open letter is now in vain because we clearly are not being listened to.


Yay Ludia you did it. You made everyone upset, good job.


I’m not expecting anything else at this point