[News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Rewards Ruckus


Dear DPG members,

Earlier today we experienced a security breach in the office - Blue got hangry and caused a ruckus!


As a result, there was an issue with the rewards meant for everyone who ended the first seasonal tournament with over 4,000 trophies.

This was quickly mitigated and everyone who ended the tournament with over 4,000 trophies but did not collect their reward, will be receiving them shortly. Furthermore, everyone who finished with over 4,000 trophies will be getting an additional sum of cash to compensate for the unfortunate event.

Thank you for your patience and support.

PS - Some non-human treats calmed Blue down. She’s all good now!

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Did anyone receive the 4k+ trophy compensation yet?
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That darn Blue. It happens. Thanks for the update. We’re only human and dinos so mistakes will happen. :slight_smile:


Non-human treats. Thank goodness.


It’s great that you are making it right, but it is disappointing as someone who was in the 3900s when the tournament ended to know that lots of people lower than me accidentally got an epic incubator while I got nothing. I wasn’t expecting anything, though, so it’s not a tragedy or anything… I’m just disappointed that the mistake didn’t go my way!


Did the cash already get distributed? I just restarted my app but nothing.


Same for me!


nope. i got 114K coins in my first incubator. was only supposed to be 100K for top 250. 14K coins extra, whoopie… haven’t gotten anything above what we were supposed to get even after restarting.


I’m assuming it will take a bit b4 compensation. I’ve not received any either. Not worried tho.


14k is for the epic incubator at your level🤨. The 100k is on top of that


ah. right. so then no. nothing :wink:


I hope they did not give her McDonald’s that is really bad for the cholesterol


You do know you typed 114K that sir is 114,000 :joy::joy::joy:.

Don’t edit it cause I will look silly :upside_down_face:


Maybe that’s why we don’t find her in the wild… she’s on medication and in rehab for cholesterol and blood pressure


If you were in the top 250, you would have gotten 114,000 from the incubator because of the epic base of 14k and the 100k reward for rank


what? i said 114K. should have only been 100K. 14K extra. :confused:


Thank you for the update concerning the Tournament Reward for players who finished over 4000 trophies, I finished at 4007 and am looking forward to receiving my reward. Thanks again for the update.


Ah well, at least Blue being hangry didn’t nerf Diloranosaurus’ attack. Looking at you, Diplocaulus!


Thanx from me also for addressing it!


wonder how many people that shouldn’t get the cash are going to get it too :joy: