[News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournaments User experience

Hello DPG members,

We’ve reviewed your feedback as well as our own Tournaments metrics and we’ve noticed that many of our newer players are not experiencing gameplay to its fullest potential at the beginning of the events because they are matched against more experienced players.

As you know, the team is always working hard to better your playing experience. Enhancements to the Tournaments are being made for the next update to not only make playing more fun, but will also help the experience for early level players that participate.

Stay tuned for more information within the next coming weeks!


A part of me feels excited… the other… is legit terrified at what yall are gonna do… please, we all know you’re capable of making awesome editions/changes so make this one of them


I think this is good. I feel sorry for the player who has midrange creatures who has to face my team full of fully boosted level 30 tyrants after a reset.

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So is this in reference to the weekend tournaments, or to the seasonal tournaments? Just want to make sure it is clear. If this is about the weekend tournaments, you need to also look at the seasonal trophy reset.


I was just about to ask the same thing. If it’s seasonal, it seems there could be a few more buckets added to the upper end. If it’s weekends; well I’m not so sure how you deal with that.

I’m cautiously optimistic… but I’m also remembering the team strength fiasco. LOL

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Good on the communication. This is what I like to see.
Tho a process, this should help ease some of the frustrations in all level tournaments.
Would also like to see something applied to the seasonal ones as well. Right now there is a huge domino effect after the reset that takes a long time to relatively even out.


Hmmmmm… ok you have my attention:


Yes, as some have said, kudos on communication😊

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Communication is appreciated. Now whether or not they’ll follow through is a different story.


If we’re referring to the seasonal tournaments? Great!

If it’s the weekend tournaments… Please don’t screw it up. I have more of an issue with the resets in the main arena.


Maybe they’re gonna fix speedties? Or make people who have had their trophies reset only able to fight each other?

How is speedtie not mentioned???

Because apparently most people were “okay” with how the current speed ties were handled…

Usually I have no problem with tournaments. Though today I only see this no matter what I do. Can play matches normally, but can’t see leaderboard and I’m not ranked despite trophies. Already cleared cache, restarted phone and reinstalled game. @Ned @E.D

Will contact support, but I doubt it that I will get any reward this weekend, as I saw players reporting same issue for months.

Hey Dinotris, our team is investigating this issue at the moment.

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just lol

Start by fixing the ranking of the actual tournament, for example.

It seems its fixed now.

just do tiers like JWTG. Levels 1-7, 8-15 and 16-20 battle each other. or whatever breakdown

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Really hope you’re talking about the season… Because what weekend tournaments need are bugs fixed, medal system fixed and speedtie fixed.