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What’s up with speedtie

It will be that and worse. I dun trust Ludia with anything PvP related. None of it works properly or as intended unless the intention is to anger players.

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On One hand I hope it the season and fixing how matchmaking, trophies gained and lost and such

On the other hand if this is tournament like for the weekends just don’t mess it up, (I mean you always do even 1.5 the votes best update introduced swap in defense shattering rampage) all they need is low prices or be free, fix speed ties and fix how many trophies you gain and or lose just don’t mess this up ok devs pls

Dun change something unless the alternative isnt worse.

Speed ties arent exactly easy to resolve when you put exploitation into it. If we talk.about Ardent mirror match. If we say whoever won the first speed tie loses the 2nd, then both players would avoid winning the first speed tie so they can set up for their DSR to go first.

The best alternative i feel is a micro activity. In the event of a speed tie, the player who hits the JWA logo first or best on a slider wins the speed tie.

Sorry, not fixed, changed… This speedtie system is ridiculous

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I like the slider idea, myself.

We’re waiting for another speedtie solution for all the poor people who live in Asia and Europe!

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Monthly resets suck.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Fix the chat.

Thank you for taking into account our feedback.
Let’s hope this gets a better experience for everyone.
Crushing people isn’t fun.

reset down to 6K only. would cushion the blow for lower ranked players. And the top ranks won’t crush as many people that are way below their rank.


Looks like the first teaser for 1.13? Late March/Early April then?

You could always have seperate tournaments with a limit on players level? Like have an extra tournament in addition to the regular one, where only lower level accounts can take part.

Like like level 10 capped tournament or something, so more inexperienced players will fight other such players.

I mean it wont stop alt accounts but at least it’s something. Various different tournaments with different prizes, kinda like how schools have athletics based on age and so forth.


Has anyone completed the Epic Power Up,Incubator. Because I did

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Yep. Completed on the walk home from work tonight.


10 boring battles for a small chance at some irritator, i’ll pass.
Can’t reach it from home or from work, and I’m not gonna stand on the street for 20 minutes for it.


Glad to hear it. I do worry that that means it will be hard to “break out” as an experienced player. Please just be open to adjusting quickly as necessary based on how it plays out.

Please do look into arena resets too. It could even reset to 7k and be better. The end game shouldn’t be last arena - it should be highest trophy count. Who cares if the highest end up at 30k - the higher the trophy count reset the higher chance folks have of not facing monsters. Dont get me wrong, its needed, but right now it’s far too aggressive.

Had to sit in the school parking lot for 25 minutes in front of the playground on Sunday to complete it. There’s usually one within distance I can reach elsewhere, but not this time.
I think I made some parents uncomfortable.


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