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[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase

Weekly Treasure Chase!

Take part in the weekly Treasure Chase. You’ll have 24 hours to find Treasure Chests that will spawn in your city. Each chest spawn will last 6 hours or until collected. Once you’ve collected a Treasure Chest the event will reset and after a cooldown, another set of chests will appear elsewhere.

You can collect a maximum of 4 times per event, claiming up to 3,000 to 15,000 Coins depending on your player level!

For daily coin limits, see here:


Is this a new chest event?


Nice. Felt like a coin drought after getting spoiled with that last treasure hunt.


So there’s just fewer chests this time around??? Just wondering bc I haven’t seen any and wanna make sure I’m not gonna be driving around for no reason.


That would be a Yes.


I don’t see how there is any treasure chests. I walked around my neighborhood for 2 hours and also drove from Trenton New Jersey to Center City Philadelphia and back a two-hour trip just returning now and seeing Zero treasure chest.


Zero chests more like it this game finally got playable then they Nerf this new feature making game back to only progress is paid for! Also supply drops are back to giving hardly any coin WTH!?!


I work several cities away from where I live and no chests were visible the whole way home or by my house which I had 2 last time. Don’t think they are spawning yet.


Haven’t been spawning since the blue strike tower came out almost a week ago

Not seen any all day so I take it there’s alot fewer about?

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From what I’m gathering the new 24 hour chest event hasn’t started yet? It would be nice if they would chime in and shed some light on this event or lack there of.


4 trading estates, next village (where my daughter works) town, and 3 residential estates (sons learning to drive so I may look for dinos while he’s driving :smile:) NO CHESTS anywhere … glad I didn’t walk it. I do 2-3 miles on foot every day,

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I was driving around for a reason today and didn’t see any in my area.

I have 47 dinosaurs that cost 25k gold esch to level up please do not remove the chest again i need every bit of gold since we’re only able to get possibly 15k a day and i have to gather 25k per upgrade. PLEASE KEEP THE CHESTS IN FOR GOOD ITS NECESSARY. THANK YOU! Do not remove the chests again… Or gift the players who have this issue unlimited gold for 1 day.


I know your pain. But this is how the design of this game works.
They have to limit resources avaibility, to increase the urge for paying/continue playing to collect enough resources.
Otherwise nobody will play long because they reach the max easily and/or nobody will pay.


Ugh, this looks like they listened to that one guy that posted he wanted to actually “Hunt” for treasure chests instead of being able to see them… while all the rest of the community applauded the Treasure Chest event the way it was… was that one guy a whale?


What so now what invisible chests? Cause no one’s seen any since the last event stopped?

You can’t see these chests on the maps but would stumble upon them as you walk and trigger them! They have also coded speed restriction so it is not easy to trigger them while driving :slight_smile:

Edit: I was just kidding! Don’t take this seriously :stuck_out_tongue: