[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


That’s a bummer, since I pretty much only play during my 2 hour commute every day. :confused:


Hmmm. Spoof bait possibly?


It says on the promo “Where will they be next?”

So they are indeed hidden and requires walking to find them!


No chests in Belgium German y and Holland nothing???!!


I am pretty sure the event has not started yet!!
Once it rolls out, there would be many people reporting they found one!

Regarding the message in the App, there have been other pop-ups coming like those of strike events even after the events have ended or for events taking place later.
Just hope they start the event soon and this event is something comparable to the last one (which was the best event till now for getting some extra cash).


Got this from JWA Twitter feed a couple of hours ago:

Coming tomorrow! Looking to build up your coin collection? Chests will appear for 6 hours in different locations - find them all and collect up to 10,000 Coins! Learn more on our Forum:


Hidden Chests and Hidden Forum Information!


Lmao. Where is this info on forum? Guess we got to dig deep. For the forum info and the chests.


I haven’t seen any so far. Been all over. Parks, the busy downtown area. Nothing.


Oh, now we gotta use Twitter to get any real info? I don’t Twitter.
I’ll be relying on you guys to repost here. :sweat_smile:


Six hours, so if you’re working or is time to sleep then you’ll get the incredible amount of zero coins!


Witch one is real info…?


This appears to be a “weekly” event over a “24 hour” period so we don’t yet know what day it will be. Let’s hope it’s a weekend day. Sorry, I forget that many work weekends and get weekdays off like my wife.

I haven’t seen any yet or come across any walking my 2 miles at lunch today or at the park after work with my wife doing the event dino’s.

Hey this game is helping us to both loose some weight. We are out getting exercise and out of the house away from the snacks.


Just to add, the one day weekly treasure event may be on the weekends because school will be starting.


Fake event is what I’m feeling after searching since the game informed me of the new round of treasure chests(which up till now meant they where live) this is ridiculous


Update: Check Metahub post for the details on Treasure Hunt starting today (mostly at 10am EST). This time though, the limits are reduced and based on player Level.


Update: Check Met@hub post for the details on Treasure Hunt starting today (mostly at 10am EST). This time though, the limits are reduced and based on player Level.


Instead of posting a new Thread with New information, the Community Manager updates the text in a 26 day old thread’s original content… nobody notices it, and so much for historical data integrity.


Yep, reusing this thread makes it so confusing!


It’s the middle of the night ??? Way to go Ludia, how internationally inclusive, special event, but only between 11pm and 5am in this location… slowly claps … maybe a 12hr event would be smarter ???