[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


Chests are live right now.


The lack of information on these events is frustrating:

  • The treasure chests say you have < 6h to collect them: What does this mean?
    If we do not collect within next 6 hours, would they vanish but new ones spawn somewhere else? OR Are we done with the treasure chests for today/entire event?
  • The site with name starting with M says there is a daily lowered limit based on player level while the in App popup says something else. Cannot the App provide some more detail/link to a FAQ?
  • How long would be the total event? 6hour is not a reasonable time to complete the event based on time of the day/other responsibilities you have.
  • Hoping the coins from treasure count outside the daily Supply Drop limit. Otherwise the stated limit doesn’t make sense. If they are counted together but in some combination (like earlier your supply drop limit can be hit first), how do they work?


3 chests in walking distance just showed up on the map in Bham UK


Don’t worry, looks like you’re not missing much. Was able to collect only 2, and they seemed to fill my coin limit from drops, so I can’t collect those anymore, lol.


I had not seen any chest either. But this morning they are back. So my guess is that they had not started yet with the next round! Good luck!


Got two so far so canclect another two … (dropping daughter off for work at 6pm England) … and it’s an amount on top of your day limit, I filled my walking coin limit earlier today, I can still earn from incubators and arenas as haven’t reached those limits and have had two chests :smile: another 3k and I can evolve one of my team :smile:


Seems legit. Fairs fair. Afterall Ludia did give us way to much coin in the last event… not that I was complaining.


I knew I should have reached the regular limit first =(


Same here , I hope the treasure re-spawn after 6 hours with different location.
Otherwise , I don’t think i will go out for coin in midnight…


Hey, I only had Collect 2 chests, and the topic says 4 chest minimum, I’m level 14, is that normal?


4 chests maximum


Was able to collect just 2 and then all the chests disappeared (and got replaced by supply drops).
Based on this, I am assuming the new treasure chests after 6 hrs would come in place of other supply drop locations.

Note: After my first chest, my coin limit got full. But I was able to collect the 2nd treasure chest too even after the coin supply limit (I was not getting the coin limit reached icon on clicking the treasure chest).


I saw 2 other chests, but they were out of range for me to go and get during my work day… I have to assume they’ve disappeared by now. I think you are right that they spawn over a supply drop.


I maxed my coins this morning from stops. Opened 2 chests after that. And ALL chests have entirely disappeared. What happened


Just got a notification about the event at 2:20 pm. I got in game 30 minutes or so ago and the pop up message about the treasure says 18 h 17 minutes remaining. Their Facebook yesterday said it would last 6 hours. They really need to get on the same page and be clear with us as to when the vents are and how long they last! I’m sick of them not giving us enough on the events. There should be a new thread for each event to avoid confusion as well.


Hi. Are you saying that when you click on the treasure chest, it says 18h something?
The event came up around 10am US EST and then the treasure chests were indeed saying 6h to go. Also, opening a couple of chests made rest of the chests to disappear!!

So, I am not sure if people who opened the 6h chests got impacted by some bug and no longer see the new chests. Might be better to wait till 4pm EST (when the original 6h event was supposed to end) and re-check if new chests respawn.


Same issue for me. Opened 2 chests and now all gone. Seems like Ludia just can’t fix bugs and EVEN don’t bother to reply on issues.


My concern is if this is a long event, people (who might have been impacted by bugs) don’t loose the opportunity to earn further coins. The Treasure Chest event has been the best event we had till now, assisting us to level dinos easily.


I clicked the notification I got from the game that was time stamped 2:20 pm. It took me into the game and a popup showed the treasure event and that that time amount listed on it. This contradicts what other people are reporting and what they said on the Facebook page though, which was that the event would only last 6 hours. This sucks to not have clear information on this!!! I don’t even actually know when it began.


Treasure chests are now appearing. This one seems to move every 15 min.