[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


I understand the lack of clarity on this and most of the events. I exactly put all those questions in my first post on this thread. They should at least have a link/post with complete details and the notifications/messages be consistent.

I just checked my app again and I see the next set of 6h treasure chests (it says 5h 45min left).


You sure it’s moving every 15 mins? Mine seem to only move after the 6h is over.


So I collected 2 chests when they first appeared, and 2 more just now. Maybe it’s not bugged after all. Atm I believe we’re limited to 2 chests every 6 hours and 4 chests every 24 hours. We’ll see soon.

It’s a shame that gold from chests seems to count towards your daily drop limit if you haven’t hit it though.


Went to get a chest. Opened it. Noticed it didn’t disappear from the map. Opened it again. Ezpz got my 2 for the 6 hours.


I’ve had three today all appear on or close to my house. :slight_smile:


Alright, who had the idea to put those 4 chest separately? It’s 10pm, all place aren’t safe!


I retract my comment. There’s a lot of confusion over what is happening with the chests. It’s at least a 24hr event with the chests moving around every 6hrs……


They were back in my town today.


So after today are the chests going away again?


We really don’t know.


I saw one on my street this morning, tried to collect it, my game froze. Restarted the app and it was gone, not sure if it gave me the coins or not… but I did get one down a different street on my way to work.

I believe there are two different coin thresholds. One for daily limit from Supply Depots and the Daily Limit from Treasure Chests. I think all coins count towards the daily limit of the Supply Depots, which triggers the in-game note “You’ve reached your daily limit” when spinning, but does not prevent you from collecting Treasure Chests. There doesn’t seem to be a message for reaching your Treasure Chest daily limit of coins… you just don’t get the coins anymore.


Fellow Starcrafter? xD


I collected two treasure chests yesterday and then they all disappeared. This seems to have been a bug, because I didn’t reach my coin limit or know of any other reason that they would disappear. I see in the comments this happened to at leats one other person. As desperate for coins as I am, it’s really very disappointing to be denied those extra coins. :frowning:


No bug. That is how the event works. Your expected to go out every 6 hours to find them again.


The treasure chests I collected said there was over an hour left. You’re saying that after you collect two, they are supposed to disappear regardless of the time left?


In addition, where exactly was that spelled out to make clear that “this is how the event works”?


It wasn’t spelled out. The 6 hour limit was stated and that they would move after 6 hours. If they said they had about an hour left then once you collected 2 they would all despawn until that about 1 hour was up. They don’t care when you collect them only that timer.


Yeah, they must be pretty spread out too… at least for me, I hadn’t seen more than one on my map at a time.


My complaint is that there is conflicting information about these events and that they do not tell us how they work. Not even Metahub had this information in their post. Obviously Ludia knows exactly how their event works, but they choose to leave us in the dark and even reuse threads from previous events even though the event has drastically changed and that further confuses us.

I got a popup message in game that said 18+ hours left, and the chests themselves said 5+ hours at the time, and their Facebook post said that the chests would be there for 6 hours and didn’t mention that they would then respawn elsewhere after that time, so naturally it’s confusing. Then my own experience that they disappeared after collecting two chests as well as reports from others of this happening. I didn’t know to keep hunting after my chests disappeared. I thought it must have been a bug since there was still time left on the chest timer and their Facebook post simply said it would last for 6 hours.

It’s not fair to have the events that have rules and restrictions that they don’t make clear. I lost out on two chests because they didn’t let us know how the events works and so did many other people.


I totally agree with you. I absolutely think the event should have been explained properly.