[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


I don’t think even they knew how it will work, lol. Currently the amount of gold you get depends on the order you spin things within a single day. That can’t have been the intended mechanics.


Yeah, Torque I may have just seen that one with 15 min left before it moved. The n xt one I say said basically 6 hours.


I forgot about this post!!
Just waiting for next treasure event! :smiley:


Supposed to be this week! Based on the news :grin:


Really? That would be awesome! Time to get rich again :smiley:
Hope this time the treasure hunt goes over a longer period. Also, hope you are not referring to the banner in the message section.


Oh wait is that not accurate?! Dang it​:thinking::scream::sweat:


Dear Ludia when the treasure event would back to us,my coin is empty now,I need to improve my dinos level and get legendary dino.:grin::grin::grin::heart_eyes:


I hope soon possible…


Treasure chest only give me 2500gold what does it give you?


I get until 25000 coin


I need more coin to level up my dinos,now I get 30×× thropy. That level need more power up dino to increase thropy or my rank lower down.


Are the Treasure Chest popping back up this week? I haven’t seen one for a little while now.


The Ad (under message section) is still present from last week.
Don’t think there has been an announcement/official communication on Treasure Chest Event for this week. Keeping fingers crossed, hoping this becomes at least a weekly event!


The Treasure Hunt is back!!
Seems to be of same format: 6h limit and collection of 2. After that, next set of chests will appear.

Hope the event this time is longer than 24 hrs. Please note to collect the 2 sets before 8pm EST so the coins limit reset and you can collect another 2 set after that till morning.


I hit my coin limit last night around midnight. So today my coin cap is still capped. I got one treasure chest for 2800 and a red popup message came up near the bottom of the screen. I didn’t get to see it since it went away so fast and all my chests disappeared. Why?


Last time, the treasure chests used to disappear as soon as you collect two of them.
Didn’t get chance to check this time though.


Yea but I only got 1 this time. And there was some red popup type message near the bottom of the screen but it was not there long enough for me to read it.


I have to agree with you on this “EVENT” issue.


Picked up one near my office right at the way onto the main road. Drove 6 miles round trip to grab lunch, and saw zero other chests. This was at about 11:15 AM CST. Guess we will have to just hope for them to pop up random places? 1st chest was 2125 coins. Odd amount.


Lets try this again, I’ve found one of these chests this morning around 11 am cst, which gave out 2125 coins, and didn’t see another one in the 6 mile round trip to get my lunch. Last post went hidden for unknown reasons…gotta love when they control everything, even posts…great way to “control” the information about the game Ludia.