[News] Jurassic World Alive | Treasure Chase


Please, pretty, pretty please, use NEW threads, and put dates on announcements. These are so confusing.


Not happy. The original chest format was amazing. Coins are extremely hard to get unless you buy them. I’m not you guys changed it.


So went out and found one chest. Then I got a message saying my game was updated and needed to reload. The popup was the coin chase and it said 17h letft (EST). So I’m guessing the first round is over and now there will be a re-spawn for the second round? As a side note I had already met my daily limit and it still gave me the coins from the chest.


Just like me. I was already at the coin cap. I got one chest and then that was it. They disappeared


Una porquería. Encontrás dos, agarras uno y el otro desaparece. Ya no se encuentra más de uno. Antes estaba mejor


Aquí en México, los cofres aparecen y desaparecen al azar, era mejor cuando duraban varios días sin inconvenientes, y ahora tienes que buscar en lugares muy riesgosos. Por favor reconsiderenlo.

Here in Mexico, the chests appear and disappear at random, it was better when they lasted several days without problems, and now you have to search in very risky places. Please reconsider.


Sometimes I see treasure chests with the countdown. I go to get them on foot with my 3 yr old then they disappear. Doesnt matter what time. Sometimes I go out late to get stuff for him. Disappointed very new player. Thank you!


When its visible on your map (no matter how far away) you can click on the chest and itll give you the countdown timer. If it’s going to run out before you get there, dont both IMO. The same is true with the green Special Event supply drops - check the timer before going out of your way. With the chests, the latest format is that you can claim 1 chest every 6 hours and once you’ve claimed that one the rest will disappear from the map.


I ended up seeing 2 on my way to work this morning. Everything ends and starts at 8 AM CST (for me). One I couldn’t get to, it popped up in the middle of the road going the wrong way, and other one was in the middle of the road the way I was going, and it was only about 1/2 a mile from the previous one. Got it, so I got what? 4200ish coins from this thing?

Ludia, please put these things in parks. Not all over the road. The Treasure Chest deal is just another reason to drive around and play the game vs walking it. If I didn’t drive and play, I would still be Level 4 or lower, or I would of quit the game already.


The same thing happened to me! I only got one chest and all other chests disappeared even though there was a huge amount of time still left.


The one I got said it had over an hour left but all the chests disappeared after I got that one chest. It doesn’t make sense.


Copied from my other thread:

Just wanted to put this out due to the rule changes hoping it would benefit the public:

The initial treasure chest event gave wonderful opportunity of collecting upto 25k coins (in combination with daily coin limits and based on which limit you fill first).
The second chest event though short was also good allowing to collect 2 chests/ 6 hour with coins based on your level. The 6 hour restriction put limit on how many you can collect and allowed only to collect 3 sets for normal public assuming one 6hr set would get missed due to night time.

This time, the restriction seems to have been tightened further with the limit being set to 1 chest limit every 6 hour which means less coins and being able to collect 3 chests in a day on an average! Further based on the pop-up message on app load, we are assuming it is just a single day event!

So, don’t forget to collect each of the chests every 6 hours :slight_smile:

Update (23-Aug-2018): As of 9am US EST, the current treasure chest event is over.


This event really sucks ludia way to have a good idea then screw it up because your too greedy! Kick the damn cheaters out at least or I’m not spending any more cash. this is becoming ridiculous waste of money


That is bull people spend alot of money on this game and they lower the chests because there being greedy let us have fun and collect as many as we can. That way they keep everyone happy


Unlike the 1st treasure event which gives tons of coins, the new treasure event is only worth it for players who is not actively opening supply boxes and hitting daily limits.

Treasure chase event hv been downgraded to the point that you can only get your daily limit even by collecting chests, i.e. one chest will give u 25% of your daily limit in coins and you can collect up to 4x in the 24hrs for the duration of the event.

So for casual players, it is a good way to hit your daily limit since they can’t go out and collect many supply drops. But for active players who have been hitting their daily limit consistently, it have become a pointless exercise.

So the best way to spend your in-game cash at the moment, imho, is still to buy coins unless Ludia suddenly becomes generous like the time when they launch the 1st treasure hunt


I agree to the point that the treasure limits are becoming more stingy day by day, and threfore the excitement is decreasing!

But just to clear your understanding, the treasure chest coins can be collected on top of your daily coin limit. The trick is to reach coin limit first. E.g: Exhaust supply drop coins at 8pm EST when the coin limit resets.
After that, whatever treasure you can collect is bonus.


I haven’t been able to collect more than the daily coin max since the first treasure chest event🤷‍♂️


I’m with you Kate. I got one last week and didn’t see anymore


I havent seen ANY treasure chests ever since they started last week i live in a small town where 6 would show up but recently NOTHING AT ALL


Where are the treasure chests?